Bar Cop Review - Vantiv Merchant Services

Bar Cop Review - Vantiv Merchant Services


This is our review of Vantiv based on our own personal experience. If you've had your own experience with Vantiv whether good or bad, we'd love to hear about it. Get a no-obligation rate quote from Vantiv by clicking the link below and be sure to put Bar Cop in the partner section to get the best rates.


We used Vantiv as our own credit card processor for a number of years before switching our website over to the Shopify platform and also their integrated credit card processing, so we figured we'd write up a quick review on Vantiv for those looking to save some money on credit card processing.


We never experienced any issues with Vantiv or their support, however as with all large companies some customers do have problems so here is some basic information to go on...


Vantiv started in the 1970's and is currently one of the largest credit card processing companies on the market. They currently handle credit card processing in every vertical market and are a leader in merchant accounts for the hospitality industry, including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, taverns, and hotels.


We found there have been some growth pains with Vantiv, especially in the area of support over the past years throughout their quick expansion, which is rather expected as they combine the companies they bring into their core business functions.


In the past few years, it seems that their expansion has slowed and they have been more focused on getting the right support setup for their clients, creating a great credit card processing system for restaurant, bar, and nightclub owners to partner with.


Vantiv is a complete merchant account provider and can handle any type of credit card processing you need, from terminal and POS software integration, mobile processing, eCommerce, and chip card processing, and terminals.


NOTE: Vantiv recently merged with World Pay and we do not have any personal experience using World Pay and any changes with Vantiv since the merger.

POS INTEGRATIONS: Vantiv has partnerships with a large number of point of sale software companies, making it a great option for you if you currently have or looking to invest in one of those software programs.


Using an integrated credit card processing option if you can makes POS software functionality that much more efficient. As we review new point of sale software companies that integrate with a Vantiv merchant account we will add them below:

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PLATFORM: The Vantiv IQ back-office software is extremely intuitive for establishment management. Vantiv IQ is very easy to use and the amount of detailed information it gives you on your customers spending habits really can help you structure how you operate in the most efficient way possible.


Vantiv IQ lets you process historical reports containing valuable information about reconciliation, interchange management, fees, possible fraud, exception handling and more.


Vantiv IQ is hosted completely online so there is no software download needed or program installation required, allowing you to access it from a remote location and from any computer with internet.

OVERALL:  We had a good experience overall using Vantiv to process credit cards. Although Vantiv has had some rocky times in the past because of growing pains, they seem to have gotten on top of things and become a really solid credit card processing company.


Because Vantiv already integrates with a large number of POS software, that helps streamline the process of getting your account setup if the software you choose for your restaurant is one of their partners.


If you currently have a merchant account and looking to switch, Vantiv can usually beat or at least match your current rates. Vantiv used to offer month-to-month contracts to keep you out of a long-term commitment, so be sure to ask about that option and see if it's still available.