Bar Cop is the leading inventory control + theft prevention software application for bars and restaurants everywhere.

Opening saved files

Now that you have Bar Cop downloaded and have gone through the setup process, let's go over how Bar Cop functions every time you launch and open the program.

Getting Started: To launch Bar Cop, double click the application icon.

Bar Cop opening saved inventory files

This will be located on your computer where you placed it after removing it from the downloaded zip folder. We recommend keeping it on your computer's desktop, so it's easy to find, however you can place it in any location on your computer.

When Bar Cop starts...

You will always be prompted to select a file to open. The first time you run Bar Cop, the prompt screen will look like this.

Bar Cop launch screen

And you will select the "Load Original File" option, because at this point you won't have any files saved. After you enter information into Bar Cop and begin saving files (see saving inventory files) the file selection prompt screen will look like this.

Bar Cop launch screen 2

If you want to work on your very last saved file, select the "Load Last Saved File" option. The last saved file will automatically be loaded when Bar Cop opens. If you want to load or view a previously saved file then select the "Choose Saved File" option.

The load file dialog box will open, then select the file that you want to open and click "OK".

Bar Cop open screen

Great, you've selected the file that you want to load.

After you choose what file to open, Bar Cop will begin to load that file. This should take about 45 seconds and while Bar Cop is completing the loading process you will see the loading dialog box with loading status updates being displayed.

Bar Cop launch screen

The dialog box will be shown in front of the software dashboard as the program loads in the background. Do not click anything on the dashboard until the loading dialog box disappears.

Once the loading dialog box is gone, you are good to go.

IMPORTANT - If you have anti-virus software running when launching Bar Cop and you have problems with Bar Cop opening, try turning off your anti-virus first.

WARNING: You cannot launch Bar Cop with an Excel spreadsheet currently open. If you have Excel open when launching Bar Cop you will receive the following error prompt. Close Excel and click OK to continue. Once Bar Cop is loaded, you can then open an Excel spreadsheet.

Bar Cop launch screen 4
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