Get Bar Cop Inventory Management Software System

Bar Cop is only $59 a month... all-inclusive.

No complicated plans, one low price, all features included + support 7 days a week.

Use Bar Cop for 90 days.
$59/mon per establishment - pay quarterly
  • Select number of establishments.
  • Use Bar Cop for 180 days.
    $59/mon per establishment - pay biannually
  • Select number of establishments.
  • Use Bar Cop for 365 days.
    $59/mon per establishment - pay annually
  • Select number of establishments.
  • Common Questions...
    What is included with my subscription?

    On top of full access to all software features, you also get support from our dedicated customer success team - seven days a week, an activation key for one computer per establishment (keys for additional computers per establishment can be issued), and *free product setup when you provide us with your product information.

    What happens when my plan expires?

    We do not recharge your credit card when your subscription period expires, so you never need to worry about cancelling. Once your subscription period expires, to continue using Bar Cop just sign-up for a new 3, 6, or 12 month subscription period. You can get a new subscription at any time after expiration to regain access to previously saved inventory files as long as you do not delete them.

    Are plan prices per establishment?

    Yes, the monthly subscription price is for one establishment. If you have more than one location, change the quantity to the number of establishments that you want to use Bar Cop software at.

    Do you offer any type of discounts?

    We do offer discounts on our software subscription plans for 501(c)(3) non-profit, veteran organizations, and users of previous stand-alone Bar Cop software versions. Contact us for more information.

    What are the software requirements?

    Bar Cop's backend is powered by Microsoft Excel, so you must have a full version of Microsoft Excel 2013 or later installed on a PC with a Windows operating system (Bar Cop is not compatible with Excel for Apple). To weigh your products when taking inventory, you will also need an inventory weigh scale.

    *How do I get free product setup?

    Product setup is included with any paid subscription plan. After you sign-up, we'll need Excel, text, or csv files with your products listed for each category (liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, non-alcohol, and food). We'll then setup your product data in each product category for you. Please contact us before sending any files, as the data has to be sent to us in the correct format to setup your products.