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for Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs


About Management Software

for Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs

What is Management Software? Back office software (management software) is used for the management of your day-to-day operations like employee scheduling, issuing payroll, inventory ordering, business accounting, and taxes.  Some of these procedures can be hired out to a third party company to do them for you, but that might add a substantial cost to your operating expenses.  Because of this many restaurant, bar, and nightclub owners keep these tasks in-house and to do that, you will need the right software for your establishment.  If you currently do not have a point of sale system setup, we recommend first choosing your POS software before deciding on what type of back office software you might need, as many systems now integrate directly with a lot of the business management software programs available, so you will want to know this information first.  If you already have a point of sale system, ask them what specific back office management software might integrate.  It is possible that none will, which is ok and in that situation you can usually export information into a program like Excel and then import it into your management software.  

Restaurant Management Software - Depending on your specific needs, there are many different types of restaurant management software available. These range from software that only focus on one specific area to programs that have most management needs bundled into one application. Before purchasing management software for your restaurant or cafe, you will need to decide on exactly what functions you need it for. If you only need to do employee scheduling in-house because you have outsourced everything else, then look for software that a specializes in that exact task. However, if you think that in the future there is a good change you will be bringing more of these tasks in-house, then choose a restaurant management software option that will allow you to handle those tasks in the future if needed.

Bar Management Software - Like software to manage the back-of-house operations in a restaurant, bar management software should be chosen based on the features you need for your establishment. Unlike a restaurant, your bar or tavern might book bands for live gigs on the weekends and if so, having bar management software that has the functionality to keep track of the bookings and even track paying out the cost of band might be beneficial. Some POS systems can handle the payouts of expenses like bands, so having a back office program that integrates with your point of sale would be a tremendous benefit. If you are a new establishment, we recommend choosing your POS first and then adding the bar management software to your back office second so you know if they will work together.

Nightclub Management Software - Like a bar, nightclub management software should incorporate features tailored toward the needs of your establishment. There are a lot of programs that are broadly designed to work for the hospitality industry as a whole, however you might find these broad based applications to be bogged down with a lot of features that a nightclub just doesn't need. Look for back office software that is geared toward nightclubs and it will make the usability factor much better for the owners and managers. As with restaurants and bars, many management program integrate with different POS applications, so see what integration options your point of sale has before choosing your nightclub management software.

There are many different options today for your management software needs from all-in-one applications to software that is designed for a specific task. Let the needs of your establishment dictate the features you look for when choosing what to use. Take your time and research, research, and research. Business management software can be a large investment for many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, so choose the right program from the start that can grow with your business in the future.