Restaurant Inventory Software

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  • Inventory Software

    Inventory software is made for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, taverns, and hotels.  It offers you complete inventory tracking capabilities for all your liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer and kitchen products....

  • Inventory Weigh Scale

    The inventory scale is a multi-purpose weigh scale for liquor, wine, and food weighing. It's ideal for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels that want to get serious about inventory control with....

  • Keg Weigh Scale - Small

    The keg inventory scale is a rugged, sturdy and durable draft beer keg weighing machine. The keg scale is available in two base sizes - the small base is designed to be used for kegs located in tight walk-in....

  • Keg Weigh Scale - Large

    The keg inventory scale is a rugged, sturdy and durable draft beer keg weighing machine. The keg scale is available in two base sizes - the small base is designed to be used for kegs located in tight walk-in....


Restaurant Inventory Software

Frequently Asked Questions

How can restaurant inventory software help my establishment?

Inventory software for restaurants helps your business control your stock and stop employee theft from over-pouring, giving away drinks, and straight up pocketing cash sales. Utilizing restaurant inventory software in your establishment allows you to see how much product is really being lost when comparing to your POS sales. If your restaurant is not controlling inventory in a consistent manner, then you will have a theft problem which can lead to a large loss in retail profits. Restaurant inventory software makes your employees accountable for their actions and helps weed out the dishonest employees that would steal from your business.

What features should good restaurant inventory software offer?

There are many different types of inventory software programs on the market, however they all should provide the same basic information you need to track your stock correctly and determine if you have a theft problem. Every restaurant inventory program should allow you to setup an inventory period or designate how often you would like to take inventory, and then show you your losses, potential sales, inventory value, pour costs, and other key data points you need to successfully track and control your stock.

How can I know which restaurant inventory software is right for my business?

That really depends on the type of of establishment you have, how large your actual inventory stock is, how much time and money you want to invest into the restaurant inventory system. A large restaurant with 100's of individual products might have different requirements that a small cafe with a couple of dozen liquors. Those differences will determine the type of inventory control system you need to install into your establishment. As long as the inventory software gives you the key features you need for theft prevention, how the system operates should be secondary to features.

There are so many different types and prices, how do I decide?

Restaurant inventory software or inventory control systems come in many different variations, from simple programs that take point counts, to weighing open bottles, to scanning bottles or using handhelds, to automated liquor pouring systems. The cost or initial investment will ultimately depend on how complicated and how much hardware is needed to run the software system. The key factors to deciding what restaurant inventory control system is right for your business, should be based on features, ease of use for your establishment's needs, and initial investment cost (or ongoing costs if paid monthly).

What is the difference between restaurant inventory software and POS software?

Most POS software program have inventory functionality built-in, but it usually differs greatly from stand-alone restaurant inventory software. The inventory function of POS software is geared towards ordering purposes and is tracked based on what your employees ring into the software. Restaurant inventory software is geared towards theft prevention because it is not based on what is rang in to a register, but tracks the actual usage of your products from a beginning to and ending inventory period. Then when cross-compared with your actual sales, inventory control software should show you your retail sales losses and other important information that a POS system will not.