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What is Restaurant Marketing?  There are many aspects to marketing and online development for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, ranging from website design, ordering and delivery apps, discount services, social media marketing, etc. The use of the internet and smartphones has exploded over the past decade and with it brings great opportunities for each bar, nightclub, and restaurant to take advantage of. Today's customers expect things a lot quicker and easier, so adapting to these needs is vital to the success of any establishment in the hospitality industry. You may have a website that was put online 5 years ago, but with the rapid change in design capabilities and mobile viewing, that website might not be living up to your potential customers standards and may be costing you business.  Can your customers view full menus on your website? Can they book reservations on your website? Can they order for pick-up or delivery? Can they find you on an active social media network? Can they find reviews about your establishment? All of these questions can be solved with a strategic marketing plan, and if you're not keeping up with the fast changing trends your restaurant, nightclub, tavern, or bar is going to get left behind by your competition.

Restaurant Marketing - Restaurants have specific needs when it comes to their online development and marketing. These needs differ greatly from traditional retail and also some from nightclubs and bars. New fast serve healthy food establishments are beginning to take over the dining out market, because they are fulfilling the needs of their customers. Traditional restaurants need to develop their online strategy to be able to compete, by making it as quick and easy as possible for customers to order, be served, and eat. This capability is available online with the development of website features, apps, and social media marketing. Whether you are a new restaurant or have been in business for years, you must adapt to the customer's of today, and by doing so you will grow your loyal customer base and profits.

Bar Marketing - For a bar or tavern to be successful in today's time, your online exposure is just as if not more important than your actual establishment. Unlike restaurants, a bar might not need ordering or reservations apps, what bars need the most is successful social media marketing. Potential customers now turn to the internet and look for your Facebook page, or your Yelp reviews, or any other way to learn about your bar before ever walking through the doors. If they can't find out about you online and not only find out about your establishment, but see positive reviews, you just lost a potential customer. And you lost that customers friends, and their friends, and so on. If you bar is falling behind on your online development and marketing, don't wait another minute to get going and start reaping the benefits.

Nightclub Marketing - Like bars and taverns, the success of nightclub can be made or broken online. From your Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram page, it is vitally important that you are active in their development, marketing, and interactive with your potential customer base. Website development is also very important to nightclubs, making sure your website looks good on all viewing platforms and updating on a regular basis with image galleries, promotions, and bookings. If you book bands or other type of acts on a regular basis, implementing an online app or website feature that allows your customers to pre-book or pre-purchase tickets for an event is extremely important. If you only collect cover charges at the door, make sure to always keep the cost posted on your website, so customers know what to expect.

There are many different avenues when building out your online development and social media marketing plan for your restaurant, bar, or nightclub. Before jumping in and trying this or trying that, sit down and make a plan. Go over every aspect of what your potential customers want and need and once you have a complete outlook, you can begin to build your online brand and grow your establishment. Whether you need website design work, a social media marketing campaign, or custom apps specifically made, or all of the above for your nightclub, bar, or restaurant, research your options and do it right from the beginning.