In business since 1998, Bar Cop has been able to try different products for the bar and restaurant industry over the years. Some we really like and recommend... and some we don't. We decided to share our experiences with you and maybe save you some money, time, frustration, headaches, etc.
Full Disclosure: We may be compensated in some form if you click on a link and purchase their product.

  • Recommended

    ShopKeep is a heavily featured IPad point of sale software application that can be scaled to meet the needs of any bar, restaurant, cafe, or tavern. This intuitive software is easy to setup, functions correctly right from the start, and seems to remain reliable in the busiest restaurant and bar environments. If you're looking for a solid and affordable POS system then check ShopKeep out.

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  • Recommended

    We switched our website hosting to Shopify a couple of years ago and super happy about the service so far. There platform is really easy to use and if you're looking to create a cool website for your restaurant or bar, we highly recommend them. If you want to sell merchandise online then they definitely have the perfect solution for your establishment as an all-in-one website hosting platform.

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  • Restaurant POS Systems

    LightSpeed point of sale software is extremely user friendly and functions perfectly for use in a full service restaurant, bar, cafe, or quick service setup. LightSpeed fits the needs of most restaurants....

  • NOT Recommended

    PointOS used to be a good POS software company, in fact we used to resell it ourselves. It was a good price and they offered great support, but all of that went downhill fast when it did some kind of corporate restructuring. Everything about PointOS went wrong from then on and we had to stop selling or recommending it. PointOS is now on our "do not ever waste your money on this POS software" list.