Bar Inventory Scales

We offer high quality weigh scales that can be used to weigh open liquor, wine bottles, tapped kegs, and food. If you need help deciding which scale will work best with Bar Cop based on your specific needs, please contact us.


What is an inventory weigh scale?

A bar inventory scale is an electronic device that weighs the measurement of an open bottle or tapped keg. Once an open bottle or tapped keg is weighed, that weight must be entered into the Bar Cop application to determine your actual product usage and to help detect theft. An inventory scale on its own is not a complete inventory system.

Why do I need to weigh my open bottles and tapped kegs?

Point counting or tenthing (looking at a bottle and estimating where the level of product is) is a high margin of error way to take inventory and an outdated method. Although you can still use this method to count your inventory within the Bar Cop application, the margin of error is very high and obtaining an accurate inventory would not be possible. The average margin of error when point counting is typically around 15 percent. Weighing your products will bring that down to about a 2 percent margin of error. That can be the difference in tracking the loss of $1000's in profits each week due to theft, over-pouring, etc. Simply put, it is not possible to take an accurate inventory by looking at your bottles and estimating the product level or by shaking your kegs.

What is the difference between the scale models?

Each bar scale will weigh open bottles in ounces. All bar scales except for the USB scale have to have the weights entered by voice command or manually typing. If all you will be doing is weighing bottles and using voice command then the BC5000 is the economical choice. The BC1000 is a large scale and good for bottle weighing and kitchen weighing. The BC2000 is a waterproof scale, so if you are worried about the scale getting wet you might go that direction. The BC8200 is again the only scale that will transfer weights into the Bar Cop application automatically, so if you will not be using voice command, then it may be the right scale for your needs. The only real difference between the keg scales is the platform size, so your available space to weigh in your walk-ins and the size of your keg inventory will determine which one would work best for you. Click on the view product button to see each scale's features.

Can I use any scale with the Bar Cop application?

Absolutely. Even though we offer high quality scales, you can use almost any scale the Bar Cop program. All you need to weigh bottles is a scale that has an ounces only unit setting and to weigh kegs a scale that will weigh up to a half barrel in pounds/ounces. If you want to use a USB scale to transfer weights into Bar Cop, then you need a USB scale combined with a wedge application that passes data between Bar Cop and the scale.