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Bar Cop has been helping restaurant, bar, and nightclub owners build successful establishments since 1998. We make it easy for you to find the point of sale software, inventory control software, management software, website development, marketing services, credit card processing, and business financing your establishment needs by providing in-depth vendor information, product details, and product reviews on the most popular hospitality industry products available today. Implementing the right POS system, point of sale software, inventory control software, and office management solutions will streamline your business and help maximize your establishment's profit potential. Whether you need a new POS system or want to begin using inventory software to manage employee theft, search our listed vendor products and reviews to help find the right solutions for your restaurant, nightclub, hotel, or tavern. In 1998 we began as a beverage inventory consultant helping restaurants, bars, and nightclubs get better control over their inventory management procedures. We created a simple inventory spreadsheet that we provided to our clients that allowed them to easily monitor their stock. As inventory techniques changed, our inventory software developed into a more sophisticated application for tighter inventory control and theft prevention. By 2003 we began offering our products online to restaurants and nightclubs across the country. In 2007 we partnered with a POS software developer and began offering complete POS systems that were specifically designed for restaurants, taverns, and nightclubs. As the internet began to grow, so did the number of companies offering POS systems and inventory control products in the hospitality industry. With so many choices available to restaurant and bar owners, our POS and inventory software did not always meet the needs of establishments that contacted us. However, our number one goal has always been to help restaurants, bars, and nightclubs get the right product for their business, even if that meant sending them to a competitor which happily did when needed. Late 2016 we realized the need to bring all of the top hospitality product vendors in point of sale, inventory control, management software, credit card processing, and other services like website design and equipment loans into one place with detailed information and reviews, making it easy for bar and restaurant decision makers to find and choose solutions for their establishments. So we began transitioning into a new business model, getting us closer in-line with our original roots. Our mission in 2017 and beyond is the same it has been since our beginning two decades ago... help restaurant, tavern, and nightclub owners find the right products and services needed to make you successful. Take the time to research every available option for your business, contact the vendors directly, ask the questions needed to make the right decision on your POS software, inventory control, management software, and other products.