Automatic Orders

No more headaches placing orders - Bar Cop automatically creates dynamic par levels and vendor orders for you.

Bar Cop order management
Simple vendor setup

Organizing products, vendors, and inventory is a headache - Bar Cop simplifies the order setup process.

  quickly setup your vendor list
  use drop-down vendor selector
  associate a vendor to a product
  save when you're finished - easy.
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bar vendor ordering
Dynamic par levels

Do you know your optimal par levels for ordering? Bar Cop calculates pars levels for you automatically.

  dynamic suggested par levels
  pars change as usage changes
  orders are created from pars
  need to adjust one, no problem
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Bar order management
Easy order process

When it's time to place orders, easily sort products by vendor to create your final orders in each category.

  use the vendor filtering feature
  filter products be vendor name
  vendor product order is created
  repeat for each vendor order
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restaurant order management
Send orders & done

Ready to send vendors your orders? Create, save, and send. Placing orders with vendors is easy as pie.

  download order saved as PDF
  email PDF orders to vendors
  print orders that are faxed
  vendor orders done in minutes
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Simplify your order process.
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