Optimized profit potential.

Are you charging the right prices? Bar Cop helps you calculate product and product mix sell prices to reach perfect profit margins and cost percents - increasing your bottom line. We won't let you leave profit on the table.

Bar Cop price management
Profit analyzation

Bar Cop takes your basic product information and organizes it into a calculated product summary.

  accurate product cost percents
  learn your profit per serving
  know how many pours per bottle
  profit potential per main unit
bar inventory price management
Price management

Calculate optimal sell prices to reach cost percent and profit margin goals for each product.

  find your target pour costs
  adjust prices based on profit
  see real gross profit margins
  change new pricing in set up
Pricing drinks in inventory management software
Cost Product mixes

Are your mixed drinks and product size variations really priced out correctly? Find out with Bar Cop.

  enter drink mixes to cost out
  learn a drinks total pour cost
  target suggested drink prices
  price product size variations
Maximize your retail profits.
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