Take accurate inventory, faster.

Bar Cop manages your inventory more efficiently.

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Inventory counting
Fast and accurate inventory.

Bar Cop easily integrates with most USB scales to weigh your open liquor and wine bottles for the fastest and most accurate inventory possible.

Don't have a USB scale? No problem, you can also use a regular scale to weigh and enter weights using your voice, or optionally point count your products.

  Weigh for an accurate inventory
  Enter data with voice command
  Optionally point count products
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Inventory Locations
Manage your inventory efficiently.

Create inventory locations in Bar Cop to replicate your own establishment, making the inventory process a seamless transition from one inventory area to the next.

Arrange your products at each inventory location in Bar Cop, to match the exact order that your products are located on shelves, speed wells, storage areas.

  Create your inventory locations
  Add/delete locations as needed
  Match product layout at locations
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Adjustments and purchases
Optimize your inventory data.

Make adjustments in Bar Cop for happy hour pricing, discounted drinks, product spillage, and anything else, to calculate your sales metrics accurately.

Bar Cop keeps historical data on your purchases every time you receive new stock into your inventory, ensuring your usage data is on target.

  Adjust for happy hour, spills, etc.
  Accurately calculate sales metrics
  Keeps historical purchase records
Common Questions...
What products can I weigh in Bar Cop?

You can weigh liquor bottles, wine bottles, and draft beer kegs for inventory better inventory management (optionally point count those products that are not used very often). You will need one scale to weigh bottles and another scale to weigh kegs.

Can I use my own scales to weigh?

Absolutely. You can use any regular scale that has an "Ounce" only setting to weigh liquor and wine bottles. If it is not a USB scale, weights can still be entered quickly using hands-free data entry with your voice or you can manually type in the weights. The best option is using a USB scale that sends the weights directly into Bar Cop as you weigh. If you are not using our USB inventory scale, contact us to make sure the scale you want to use is compatible.

Does weighing products take a long time?

Not at all. In fact weighing whether using our USB scale or entering weights with voice command take about 2 seconds for each bottle. You can't take inventory faster and more accurate than weighing. *If you use your own USB scale, depending on the model, it may be slightly slower.

How many inventory locations can I create?

You can have up to 7 inventory locations in each main product category. So liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, non-alcohol, and food categories will have their own independent inventory locations.

Can I arrange my products in any order?

Yes! Every inventory location can have products arranged in the exact order that they are placed on your shelves or in coolers. So if you have 4 different inventory locations from liquor, example: a main bar, patio bar, and two storage areas - each of those locations can be arranged completely different from the others. Each of your inventory locations can also have different products listed.

How accurate is Bar Cop?

Weighing is by far the most accurate way to take inventory and there is still about 2% margin of error. This means that you will be in the 98-100% accuracy range with your inventory numbers. Point counting, slider apps, eye-balling... all of these methods are based on visually guessing how much product is left and have on average a 12-15% margin of error. That means you will usually be in the 85-88% accuracy range.

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