Maximize your profits, better.

Bar Cop optimizes your prices for revenue growth.

Bar Inventory Management Analytical Reports
Optimize your potential revenue.
Bar Cop takes your current pricing data and organizes that information into a summary report that breaks down pour costs and potential profits so you can easily see where prices could be changed to grow revenue.
Simple tools for bigger profit.
See how small differences in individual product pricing and correctly cost out drink mixes can have a big impact on your bottom-line revenue, without actually having to increase your customer base.
price drinks in Bar Cop inventory software
Product Summary
Profit metrics that you need.

Bar Cop breaks down every product's profit potential in an easy to understand summary report, showing you which products pricing needs improvement on.

Use the price data metrics in the product summary report to effectively price each product to hit target profit margins and cost percentages.

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Price liquor drinks in bar inventory software
Pricing Calculator
Optimize product sell prices.

Utilizing the product summary report along with the price calculator, you can adjust pricing on specific products to find a better profit margin.

When you're ready to change a product's pricing to a better sell price, enter the new sell price tested in the price calculator into product setup.

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Pricing Tool
Cost out product mixes correctly.

When your product prices are optimized for the most profit margin, the pricing tool helps you cost out product mixes correctly for better price management.

In the pricing tool, enter the pour or serving size of each product portion that goes into the product mix to learn exactly how much you should charge for that item.

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Price optimization
Common Questions...
What is the inventory product summary?

The product summary report breaks down each product's cost per pour or serving, cost percent, how much potential profit that product has at your current standard price, and more data that you can use to potentially adjust pricing for better profit margins.

How does the pricing calculator work?

The pricing calculator gives you quick insight to how individual pricing changes would effect that product's profit margin and cost percent, without having to change data in product setup. You can change a product's price up or down to compare against your current standard price to see if a real pricing change would make sense or not.

What is the product pricing tool?

The pricing tool looks at the bigger picture, pricing out mixed drinks or food plates correctly. With the pricing tool you can enter the product mix to calculate an optimal sell price range based on the individual product prices that are included in the mix.

Why is it important to cost out product mixes?

A product mix, in the case of a mixed drink would be the drink recipe. The price you sell your mixed drinks for should be cost out based on the standard price and pour size of each product that is included in that recipe. This ensures that you are not leaving profit on the table and your inventory will always be tracked accurately.