This is Bar Cop.

Bar inventory software with the tools you need to accurately control stock and automate the ordering process. Inventory management software so simple and straightforward - you actually won't mind using it.

Bar Inventory Software for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs
It's better inventory

Software can be complicated, so we made sure that Bar Cop functions with simplicity from start to finish.

  drastically reduce inventory time
  get a handle on theft problems
  boost your bar's profit potential
  save on labor and product loss
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Easy customization

Change inventory locations in Bar Cop to match your establishment's layout for a customized setup.

  customize each category
  rename inventory locations
  delete inventory locations
  quickly view made changes

We started using Bar Cop about 4 years ago and just upgraded to the newest version and wow is it great and support was also a big help getting us switched over. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Nicole / Bar Manager - Twisted Fork
Restaurant inventory software
Product organization

Arrange products in the stockroom and inventory locations just like they are placed on your shelves.

  fast drop-down product selection
  exact product layout arrangement
  organize each location separately
  quick and simple location setup
restaurant management software
Product flow reports

Get detailed reports at the end of each inventory period to help you better understand product usage.

  total product usage breakdown
  see your movers & dead stock
  track historical product usage
  learn potential sales profits

With 30 plus beers on tap that are always changing we needed better control of our inventory and Bar Cop does the job well and it has been a real eye opener finding out how much profit we had been losing.

Ron / Owner - The Tap
Nightclub inventory software
Theft detection

Learn how much profit you are really losing due to employee theft, over-pouring, and free giveaways.

  register versus theoretical sales
  variance (profit loss) analyzation
  true cost percent and gross profit
  compare individual product sales
bar inventory management software
Automated orders

Pars and orders are calculated automatically, so you never have to worry about vendor orders.

  easy product and vendor setup
  dynamic suggested par levels
  ability to adjust par levels
  orders are created instantly

We couldn't be happier with Bar Cop. The software has been simple to use and really cut down the time we spend taking inventory from how we used to do it plus the support team has been fantastic.

Ryan / GM - Brickhouse Bar
Bar management software
Hassle free ordering

Create and send orders in minutes to your vendors by email or fax - instead of it taking hours.

  organized and detailed order data
  filter products by vendor names
  download orders in PDF to email
  quickly print orders to fax
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Optimized pricing

Don't leave profit on the table by having your products and mixed drinks priced out incorrectly.

  optimize product sell prices
  hit your targeted pour costs
  calculate mixed drink prices
  learn your recipe pour costs
Inventory by voice

Bar Cop simplifies the way you take and enter your inventory - data entry using your voice.

  easiest way to count your stock
  fast and accurate inventory entry
  take your inventory in half the time
  weigh or point count using voice
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