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Common Questions
What can I do with the demo?

The demo is fully functional and already has products setup so you can quickly start testing Bar Cop without having to start from scratch. You can add, delete, change any information that you want in the demo, however saved information cannot be transferred into the full paid version. When you are ready to setup your own products and start taking inventories, you will need a Bar Cop subscription.

How do I download the software?

Once you click the "Download The Demo" button, a zip folder will begin to download. You can save the zip folder to your desktop or have the folder open after it has completed downloading. When the zip folder is downloaded and open, drag the files in the zip folder onto your desktop and start with the "READ ME FIRST" file and then see the software manual.

What is installed on my computer?

Bar Cop does not install directly onto your computer. The Bar Cop application is downloaded in a zip folder and simply needs to be dragged out of the zip folder and dropped onto your desktop to work. Once on your desktop, click the Bar Cop logo to open and use the software. No installation is required.

Do I need to be connected to the internet?

You only need an internet connection to download Bar Cop. Once it is on your computer, you do not need to be connected to the internet to use the software.

What are the requirements to use Bar Cop?

Bar Cop's backend is powered by Microsoft Excel, so you must have a full version of Microsoft Excel 2013 or later installed on a PC with a Windows operating system (sorry not compatible with Excel for Apple). We recommend using a laptop or large tablet. If you will be using voice command to enter data and weighing products, you will also need a headset and weigh scales.

Why did my anti-virus trigger when launching Bar Cop?

You're anti-virus software may start a scan of the Bar Cop software during the setup process. Typically when this happens the scan lasts about 10 seconds then setup continues automatically. However, depending on what anti-virus software you have and it's settings it may put a hold on the software (quarantine) for a extended period of time. If this happens you can go into your anti-virus software an manually release the Bar Cop application or you can add it as an exeption before running it for the first time. See your anti-virus software's instructions on performing those tasks. To avoid any interuption in the setup process, you can also temporarily disable your anti-virus when using Bar Cop. You can check our software virus free status viewing our Virus Total Scan, if you are concerned.

I'm having a problem with the download?

We're here to help... please send us a message.