Bar Cop Download

Software Requirements:
PC with Windows Operating System
MS Excel 2007 or later (full version)
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How do I download the software?

Once you click the "Start Download" button, the Bar Cop zip folder will begin download. You can save the zip folder to your desktop or have the folder open once it is completed downloading. Make the selection of your choice from your browser download prompts. Once the zip folder is downloaded and open you will see the "READ ME FIRST" PDF. Read this first. You can also open this PDF separately by clicking here.

What is the Windows Defender SmartScreen?

Windows Smart Screen (blue screen that says Windows protected your PC) is a feature released by Microsoft starting in Windows 8, that adds an extra protection against downloading software that does not come directly from the Windows app store. You may or may not get this screen during download, as it pop-ups at your computer's discretion. If you get this screen, click the More Info link to proceed. You will see App: Bar_Cop.exe and Publisher: Bar Cop listed... and click the button "Run Anyway" to continue (please watch the installation video above for exact steps). You can check our software virus free status viewing our Virus Total Scan, if you are concerned before running the software.

Will my anti-virus start scanning download?

You're anti-virus software may start a scan of the Bar Cop software during the setup process. Typically when this happens the scan lasts a about 10 seconds and then is verified and the installation continues automatically. However, depending on what anti-virus software you have and it's settings it may put a hold on the software (quarantine) for a extended period of time before it realeses it to complete installation. If this happens you can go into your anti-virus software an manually release the Bar Cop application or you can add it as an exeption before starting the download process. See your anti-virus software's instructions on performing those tasks. To avoid any interuption in the download and installation process, you can also temporarily disable your anti-virus software before downloading/installing Bar Cop. You can check our software virus free status viewing our Virus Total Scan, if you are concerned before running the software.

Where should I save the download to?

If you are saving the download to your computer before opening the zip folder, we recommend saving to your desktop to make it easy to find to complete setup. You can move the application to another location on your computer at any time.

What is installed on my computer?

Bar Cop does not technically install anything on your computer. The download is simply saving the Bar Cop software to you computer in an Excel file that has been compressed to EXE format to manage user activation keys. So when you launch Bar Cop for the first time and go through the setup process, you will not be installing anything on your computer.

Can Bar Cop be deleted after installation?

Absolutely. All you need to do is drag the Bar Cop application icon (and any saved inventory files) to your trash folder to delete it from your computer. There is not anything to uninstall.

I'm having a problem with the download?

Please use the email contact form on this page or give us a call so we can help you get Bar Cop downloaded and ready to go.