Add and Delete Products

At times, you may need to add new products to your inventory. Products are always added and deleted from your product master lists (see master list setup).

IMPORTANT - Always add and delete products in your most current inventory period file. Best practice is to add new products or delete products at the start of a new inventory period, right after you have created a new inventory file (see create a new inventory).

Now let's add a new product to your inventory

So you received a new product and you need to add it to your master list in product setup. We will assume that you have your master list of products in alphabetical order.  In your new inventory period file, first add the row in "Product Setup" where you want the new product to go (see add and delete rows) and proceed with the normal steps for adding the new product information.

Bar Cop setting up your products 8

Next go to "Usage Reports", click on the correct product category (in this case liquor), find the product that you just added, and look at the "Starting Inventory" column. It will be blank. You need to tell Bar Cop how many bottles of that product you are starting out with. So enter the number of bottles you are adding to your inventory into the blank cell.

Bar Cop setting up products 9

FINAL STEP: You need to go to all of the inventory locations where this product will be shelved, add a new row in the correct order, and select the new product name from the drop-down list (see inventory location setup).

IMPORTANT - You do not need to enter any inventory count information in the inventory locations until you do your ending on-hand inventory count. Only add your starting count in the Usage Data report as shown above.


Bar Cop setting up products 9

Deleting a product from your inventory.

When you stop ordering a product and run out of stock, you need to delete that product from your inventory. To delete a product, open up your most current inventory file, go to "Product Setup" and click on the product name that you want to delete and delete that row (see add and delete rows). The product row will be deleted in most of the program except for inventory locations. Go to each inventory location that the product is listed in and repeat the same process to delete the product row.

Things to know:

1) You only need to go to "Usage Reports" and add a products starting inventory when you are adding a new product at the start of a new inventory period. This step is not done when adding products during the initial setup of your master list (see your first inventory).

2) If you are adding a new wine product you also enter the number of bottles in starting inventory. Bottle beer enter the number of cases, draft beer enter the number of kegs, non-alcohol and food enter the number of bins.

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