Inventory Locations Setup

Setting up inventory locations is a two part process, customizing your inventory location names and then setting up your products in each location to match your establishment. Let's start with customizing your location names. To start, from the main control panel, click on "Locations Setup".

Customizing Bar Cop

From locations setup you can name your inventory locations and remove sections that you won't be using.

Bar Cop setting up bar locations 2

Let's do an example:

In each main product category, Bar Cop comes standard with 7 inventory locations. If you click on the "View Changes" link to the right of the liquor inventory location name boxes, it will take you to the corresponding liquor inventory section.

Bar Cop settings 3

Here you can see the standard setup in the liquor inventory section.

Bar Cop customize software 4

Let's say your establishment has one liquor storage area and two bar locations, a main bar and a patio bar. You can setup your liquor inventory locations, by going back to locations setup and changing the inventory location names. Then delete the inventory locations that you don't need to use.

Bar Cop settings 5

Now click view changes again.

The changes are now updated in the liquor inventory section. You'll see that the bar locations that you deleted are no longer visible in the liquor inventory section.

Bar Cop setting up software 6

If you ever want to change a location name or you need to add a previously deleted location back, just return to locations setup and update the name boxes.

Now let's move on to the second part - setting up products in each location

Before you can setup your inventory locations with products, you need to have completed entering your master list of products in product setup (see master list setup).

If you have product setup completed, let's start...

From the main control panel click "Current Inventory" and go to the product category that you want to setup. At this point you should have your inventory locations named, however each of those inventory locations will still be blank. Just like in product setup, you can add and delete product rows as needed (see add and delete rows).

Bar Cop bar location setup 1

It is important to understand that each inventory location section functions independently from one another and also from the master list in product setup. So when you add or delete a product in the product setup section, those changes do not happen in the inventory locations. And when you add or delete a product in one inventory location, it does not make the same changes in the other inventory locations.

Why is this important?

This allows the products in your inventory locations to be setup in the exact order as in your establishment, making the process of taking your inventory extremely fast at each inventory location.

Setting up your products in each inventory locations is simple. Click a cell under the product name column and select a product, putting each product in the same order that it is arranged in at that location.

Bar Cop bar location setup 3

If you setup your products in alphabetical order in the master lists in product setup, it makes it much easier to find products quickly in the drop-down list when setting up your storage areas and bar locations.

Things to know:

1) Repeat the same inventory location setup process for each main product category that you will be using.

2) Each main category can have up to 7 different inventory locations.

3) An inventory location can be any place that the product is counted for inventory. An inventory location does not have to be an entire bar area. For example: You have one main bar that consists of two speed well stations and bottle shelves on a back wall. You can setup the main bar into the different inventory locations, one for each speed well area and one for the shelves.

4) When you add a new product in a master list in product setup, you will also need to add that product in the inventory locations where it will be shelved.

5) When you delete a product from the master list in product setup, you will also need to delete that product from the inventory locations it is listed in.

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