Entering Data

There are two ways to enter data into Bar Cop. You can manually type data which can be time consuming or you can enter data using your voice (see using voice command). Either way that you decide to enter data, there are few tips to making the process as simple as possible.

Tip 1: You can only enter data in light grey cells. If a cell is white, then you do not enter data into that cell (the software automatically populates data into white cells).

Bar Cop software data entry

Tip 2: If you click on a cell or try to enter data into a cell that you are not supposed to, a password warning prompt will pop-up. This is a safety feature to keep cells that you do not enter data into protected. You cannot unlock or access these protected cells.

Bar software entering data

Tip 3: In columns (with grey cells) that you enter information into, you can click on each column header for a quick description and example of what to enter into that column.

Bar software easy data entry