Entering Purchases

When you make product purchases and receive that product into your stock during an inventory period, those purchases have to be entered into your current inventory file. Bar Cop needs to know how much product you added into your inventory between the starting and ending inventory, so it can calculate usage correctly.

Entering purchases is easy, let's learn how to do it.

If you are taking inventory once a week, you can enter purchases into your current inventory file on any day after you receive the product into your stock or you can wait until the end of the inventory period.  If you are taking inventory daily, then you would enter purchases into the inventory file on the day you receive them.

To enter purchases, open up your current inventory period file and from the main control panel click "Current Inventory". Under each main category, you will see the following options:  "Inventory", "Adjustments", and "Purchases". Click "Purchases".

Bar Cop entering purchases 1

Enter all purchases that you receive into your stock during an inventory period.

The purchases section comes standard with Monday through Sunday headers, so you can enter your purchases on the day (multiple days) during the week that you receive them. Optionally these header names can be changed to anything that you want in program settings (see customizing Bar Cop).

Bar Cop purchases 2

Enter your purchases into any column that want.

Bar Cop entering purchases 3

When you are finished entering purchases, save the file.

Things to know:

1) Only enter purchases that are added into your stock during an inventory period. For example: If you make an order on Thursday, but do not receive that order until the following week, those purchases will be entered in the next week's inventory period not the week they were ordered.

2) You can enter purchases using voice command (see using voice command).