Order Setup

Order management in Bar Cop helps automate your orders with vendors. To get started, from the control panel click "Order Management". The first step to creating orders is setting up your vendors. To do this, locate the vendor name entry boxes located on the right side in each category. Enter each vendor name for that product category, starting in the first box.

Bar Cop order management setup 1

Associating vendors with products:

When you have all of your vendors listed in the name boxes, you need to associate a vendor with each product. To do this, select a vendor name from the drop-down list next to each product.

Bar Cop order management setup 2

That's it. You are done with order setup.

Things to know:

1) You can add and delete vendors from the vendor name box as needed. *Remember after you delete a vendor name, you will still need to go change the products that were associated with that vendor to a new vendor name.

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