Product Summaries

Product summary reports pull data from your category master lists (see master list setup) to give you an in-depth look at each product's overall costs and profit potential. To view the product summary data, from the control panel, click "Product Summary".

Bar Cop product summaries

By studying the product summary reports, you can quickly tell if a product's profit potential is too low or a cost percent is too high based on your standard pricing and pour size.

If a product isn't as profitable as it should be...

A price adjustment might be needed. You can use the pricing tools in "Price Management" to see how pricing changes will help your bottom line profits without having to make changes in your product master lists.

Things to know:

1) Product summaries breakdown each product's profit potential by showing you how many pours or servings you get from a bottle, keg, or bin. You will learn what it costs you for each of those pours or servings, each product's true cost percent, actual profit you make per pour or serving, and your total profit potential per bottle, keg, or bin.