Update Product Settings

In the product setup section for liquor, wine, bottle beer, and draft beer, there are drop-down menus for some of the product information. Bar Cop comes with some of the most common data listed in the drop-downs, however you can change this information to fit your establishment.

You can access product settings two ways. The first is from the control panel by clicking "Product Settings".

Bar Cop add rows

You can also click on the "Update Drop-Downs" links located next to the Bar Cop icon in product setup.

Bar Cop add rows

When you first go to product settings, it will look like this...

Bar Cop add rows

You can change the information in the data boxes to anything that you want. For example: If your standard pour size for liquor is 1.25 ounces, you can enter 1.25 in the first cell in the liquor standard pour column. And delete the rest of the entered data.

Bar Cop add rows 2

The result in the product setup section for liquor would be...

Bar Cop add rows 2

Continue to change the product settings for each drop-down list to make entering setup data quick and easy.

Things to know:

1) If you have a batch product, enter the serving size in the second cell (ie. 12 ounce frozen Margarita, enter 12) and enter the total batch size in the bottle size columns (ie. 5 gallon bucket of Margarita mix, enter 640 as a bottle size).

2) If you sell specific wine by the bottle, the pour size would be the bottle size (ie. 25.4 for a 750 ml).

3) Each product can only have one standard pour size associated with it in product setup.

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