How Bar Cop works.

Cut inventory time in half, recover $1000's in lost revenue, automate ordering, stop theft... make your job easier.

Bar Cop inventory management software
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Step 1:  Easy setup
To setup Bar Cop, just add a little bit of information for each item and skip manual data entry by using voice command to make the process super-fast. When setup is complete, you can customize your storage and inventory locations.
Step 2:  Customization
Customize your storage areas and inventory locations to match your establishment layout. Products can be arranged at each location in the exact order that they are shelved making your inventory process lightning quick.
Step 3:  Quick inventory
You can take inventory by weighing for the best accuracy or point count for simplicity. At the end of each inventory period, go to your inventory locations and record your ending stock by voice, manually, or transfer by USB scale.
Step 4:  Detailed reports
At the end of each inventory, Bar Cop creates organized usage and variance reports so you can find out exactly how product is used in your establishment and learn how much profit you are really losing to carelessness and theft.
Step 5:  Easy ordering
Bar Cop gets rid of ordering headaches by calculating dynamic par levels at the end of each inventory cycle for you. Based on these optimized par levels, orders are created automatically and can be sent to vendors in minutes.
Step 6:  Say YES to...
  Lose your clipboard, paper, & pen
  Greatly reduce your inventory time
  No more headaches placing orders
  Put a stop to employee's stealing
  Optimize your product sell prices
  Hit your perfect pour cost percents
  Ring more profit into your register
  Save $1000's in recovered revenue
  Keep lifetime historical data files
  Inventory liquor, wine, beer, & food
  Take inventory as often as you like
  Shift check your bartenders anytime
  Complete usage & variance reports
  Analyze where theft is taking place
  Enter inventory using your voice
  Weigh or point count your inventory
  Stop overstocked inventory issues
  Auto calculated dynamic par levels
  Custom storage and bar locations
  Top training manuals and tutorials
  Contact support seven days a week
Bar Cop makes your job easier.
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