How to Protect Your Bar and Restaurant Profits.

One of the most important aspects of running a successful restaurant, bar, hotel, and nightclub is making sure that your employees stay honest and theft does not happen. When you have employees stealing product, giving away free product, or straight out putting your profits in their pockets can result in the end of your establishment. The average bar is losing 20% or more in retail sales due to some type of theft and without the proper inventory control procedures in place that will only get worse. To be successful you need to stop theft and implementing inventory control software is one of the best tools you can put into place to help accomplish this. Just like with POS software, there are many different inventory control options for your bar or restaurant.


If you serve food, then you will need to control your kitchen stock as well as your bar stock. Inventory software choices vary greatly, from using it on a laptop, scanner systems, and smartphone apps. Do you want to weigh your open bottles or do point count estimating? Do you want to keep stock control procedures in-house or hire a 3rd party company to do it for you? At this point you probably are not sure which solution is right for your bar and that's ok. It does not matter if you use a state-of-the-art POS system or simple cash register to run your establishment, without a stand-alone inventory control solution in place, you will have profits walking out the door.


There are many different types of inventory control programs available and the one you ultimately choose should fit the needs of your establishment. Almost all inventory programs will monitor your establishment and give you the same detailed information about product usage and variance numbers. The main difference between inventory control systems are going to be the price and simplicity of use.

Implementing inventory software into your establishment will help you raise your bottom line profits by controlling employee theft and inventory abuse. You need to be able to easily monitor and track your entire liquor, wine, beer and food inventory accurately and efficiently. This gives you a close insight to where your retail profits are really going. Using inventory software in your bar or restaurant will keep your employees honest and your profits where they belong. Control your employees; don't let your employees pocket your profits.

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