Bar Cop is the leading inventory control + theft prevention software application for bars and restaurants everywhere.

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The Bar Cop reseller program is for restaurant consultants, bar auditors, E-commerce stores, or anyone else that has a book of business within the hospitality industry and wants to build an extra revenue stream.

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It's free and easy to get started, just fill out the reseller application. If you are approved to be a reseller, we'll send you a reseller ID that you can use to purchase the Bar Cop software at 30% off the current listed price.

You sell that software to your customers at your own set price. You can also charge for helping your customers setup the software if you choose to. If you only want to sell and have us handle setup support with your customers - not a problem.

We never interact with your customers during the sales cycle. Your customer's purchase directly from you at your set sell price. You purchase directly from us at your reseller price and pocket the difference.

Have any questions? Check out the reseller questions below or contact us.

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Reseller questions

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What products does the reseller discount apply to?

Reseller discounts only apply to the Bar Cop software. The weigh scales are not discounted for resellers. Resellers are free to sell any scale that works with Bar Cop to their end customers. At the resellers request, Bar Cop will also provide information to help the reseller setup a distributor account with our scale manufacturer so the reseller can purchase the same scales Bar Cop does at wholesale.

How does a reseller's customer get the software?

The reseller provides the software to their customers. When a reseller's customer purchases the software from the reseller, the reseller then purchases the software from Bar Cop at a discount. Bar Cop will then provide the reseller with the required activation key to give to your customer.

Can a reseller charge to help with software setup?

Yes, a reseller can charge their customer's to help setup the software.

Who handles support for the software?

Bar Cop handles all of the support after purchase, so the reseller does not have any support issues to worry about.

How much can a reseller charge for the software?

Resellers can set their own pricing to their customers.

Does Bar Cop offer a white label solution?

Not at this time.

Is there a reseller agreement?

Yes, you can read the reseller agreement here. When you submit your application, you state that you agree to the terms of the reseller agreement.

Can I sign-up to get a discount for my establishment?

No sorry, establishments cannot sign-up to be a reseller just to receive a discount on their own software purchase. If you are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, veteran organization, or currently use an older version of Bar Cop (prior to 2018) we do offer discounts. Contact us for more information.