Bar Cop Reseller Program

Partner with Bar Cop.

The Bar Cop reseller program is for consultants, bar auditors, or any person that does business within the hospitality industry that wants to build an extra revenue stream.
How does it work?

It's easy to get started, just fill out the reseller application. If your reseller account is approved, we'll send you a reseller ID that you can use to purchase the Bar Cop software at a discount.

We never interact with your customers during the sales cycle. Your customer's purchase directly from you. You purchase directly from us at your reseller price and pocket the difference.

Build residual income...

Bar Cop runs on annual based subscription plans. This means every year your customers will need to renew their software plan with you - year after year - growing extra residual income for you.

Have any questions? Checkout the resellers FAQ's or contact us.

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