Product usage reports

Bar Cop calculates detailed usage reports at the end of each inventory cycle showing how much product was used, what retail sales should have been based on the usage, how much profit you should have made, how much theft you have, and more.

Bar Cop liquor usage reports
Overview report

Get a complete overview of your establishment's product usage history and total sales variances.

  learn your cost of goods sold
  see your usage profit potential
  compare sales to theoretical
  study variances to detect theft
bar usage reports
Usage data report

The usage data report organizes product flow information making it easy to understand.

  starting vs. ending inventory
  ending on-hand inventory value
  individual cost of goods sold
  product theoretical usage sales
Bar order management
Usage totals report

Bar Cop keeps historical data of your last 12 inventory period usage totals updated for each new period.

  see inventory period ending totals
  calculated total cost of goods sold
  know your on-hand product value
  last 12 inventory periods recorded
restaurant sales variance reports
Best & worst sellers

Learn what your top trending products are and which products are dead stock on the shelves.

  find out top selling products
  see your worst selling products
  break down of each category
  includes usage data to compare
Bar Cop Usage Inventory Reports
Stock check report

Stock check shows you the products with the most inventory on-hand and alerts to excess stock.

  see products with excessive stock
  adjust orders to clear dead stock
  calculates on-hand to usage ratio
  use built-in ordering & no excess
bar liquor variance reports
Variance reports

Compare your register sales to calculated theoretical sales to learn actual profit loss from theft.

  see variance dollar and percent
  get real cost percent numbers
  discover product theft totals
  compare individual products
Find out your real profit loss.
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