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Our bar point of sale software is designed with simple-to-use as it's number one goal, with all of the features your bar needs to efficiently and effectively manage your sales, employees, and inventory. We've not only packed in all the features more expensive bar POS software has, but added many more features not found anywhere else, all at one low price you can actually afford. Our bar point of sale software is a robust and reliable application that will help you manage all aspects of your establishment with simplicity and ease. With built-in customer features you will have the tools to create that neighborhood bar feel, by making each customer feel like they are a part of your business. Customers can receive email newsletters and even pick their own songs from the integrated jukebox. The bar POS software is completely scalable to grow with your business, whether you are a small local tavern or a full scale restaurant. Our bar POS software will run on virtually any Microsoft Windows OS, installs in minutes, and with just a little setup you'll be up and running in no time. For a complete point of sale solution, check out our bar point of sale systems that come with the bar POS software installed.

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  Multiple Servers On One Station
  UPC Bar Code Scanning
  Multiple Servers On One Station
  UPC Bar Code Scanning
  Multiple Servers On One Station
  UPC Bar Code Scanning


How long is the free trial on the bar POS software demo?

The trial is for a full 30 days. Click here to download the demo.

On the bar POS software demo what is the default password?

The default password is 1111. This should be changed, for security reasons, when you setup your own database.

Do I need any special hardware to run the bar point of sale software?

The software is specifically designed to work with a touchscreen computer, cash drawer, credit card MSR and receipt printer.

Do I need any additional software to run the bar POS software?

No, the bar point of sale software contains all you need to get up and running. To run the music functionality of the software, all you need is Windows Media Player, which is available free from Microsoft.

Is support included in the purchase price?

24/7 phone and email support from our US based POS tech support department and software updates are included for one year. You can optionally renew support/udpates each year after for $99 a year (or $9 a month).

What is a station license and how many do I need?

Station licenses are determined based on the number of POS stations (computers) that will be connected to the database at one time. So you will need a station license for each work station that you will be using at the same time. Once installed on a station, there is no limit to the number of servers that can be cashed in. Additional station licenses can be purchased initially or added later as your business grows.

Do I need a station license for my backoffice computer?

That depends. Pricing is based on the number of workstations connected to the database, at one time. The POS software uses SQL Server Express, which in itself does not count as a station. Therefore, if you do not purchase a station license for the backoffice, you can still run the server off of it. However, if you wish to check sales or do setup from the backoffice computer, you will need to either purchase another station license or simply shut down the POS software on another computer. Basically, if you want to run the POS software on the backoffice only after hours or when one of your other workstations is turned off, you will not need to purchase a license for your backoffice computer.

Do I need to have a network to run the bar point of sale software?

No, to use the bar POS software on just one computer you do not need to have a network setup. However, if you are running multiple stations you will need to have them connected either wirelessly or with an ethernet cable based system.

Do I need to install the database server on all cash register stations?

No, the server portion of the bar POS software only needs to be installed on one computer on the network. You can install the server on any machine, however when sharing data you'll want all the stations to point to one computer designated as the database server. This can be selected on start up. Just select the computer and database name, from the choose database screen. Although the database server portion can be run from any computer on the network, it is recommended that you run it from a backoffice computer and not a waitstaff workstation.

I have multiple stations, how should I setup my network?

To setup a Windows network to be able to share the software database, you want to do a few things. First, make sure all computers are on the same workgroup. Second, setup all the computers with the same login name and password and make sure those accounts have administrative rights. Third, make sure you are not running any antivirus programs that would block your computers from seeing SQL Server on the shared database computer.

Is the bar POS software PCI compliant?

Yes. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a worldwide information security standard defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. The standard was created to help payment card industry organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud through increased controls around data and its exposure to compromise. The standard applies to all organizations that hold, process, or exchange cardholder information from any card branded with the logo of one of the card brands.

Do I need to be online to run the bar point of sale software?

No, you do not need to be online to use the bar POS software. However, if you are using the credit card functionality, you will need some sort of internet connection. This connection can be anything at all including modem.

Does the bar POS software process credit card transactions?

Yes, our POS software is designed to process credit cards through seamless integration with our PCI Compliant merchant providers and offers great features like pre-authorizations, gifts cards, auto-batching and more. Whether you need a new merchant account or you already have one, our credit card integration specialists have a solution for you. There are no application fees, setup fees, cancellation fees or forced long term contracts to get your business setup for integrated credit card processing. For more information click here.

Will the software process EMV chip credit cards?

Yes, the software is compatible with the new EMV cards. Our intergrated merchant account providers can get you setup with an EMV chip reader and help you start processing chip cards today. For more information click here.

Does the bar POS software handle gift cards?

Yes, through are integrated credit card processing merchant providers. For more information click here.

What Operating Systems does the bar POS software run on?

The software runs on all versions of Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 and POSReady 9 or 7. With Microsoft ending support for XP, we do not recommend doing a new install on a computer with XP as the operating system.

How does the bar point of sale software connection to QuickBooks® work?

The software will export all financial data to QuickBooks®. This data includes sales, payments, payouts, refunds, and basically all money in and out of the POS. To do this you will need QuickBooks® installed on the computer that you are using export. The bar POS software works with all versions of QuickBooks®, except QuickBooks® POS.

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