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Bar Cop is $49 per month* all-inclusive.

Bar Cop takes controlling your inventory to the next level with all of the features you need to manage your inventory, orders, and stop theft. Let's simplify your inventory process together.

Easier, faster, better, smarter inventory...

ATTENTION: If you downloaded the beta trial between 1/8/2019 - 2/9/2019, please contact us before signing up. Thank you!

*$49 per month paid annually / per location
Common Questions
Can I try Bar Cop out first?

Absolutely, we offer a free demo that you can try. No Credit card required, no obligations.

So, you really don't charge more for important features?

We do not believe in ramping up our prices with more expensive plans (like other inventory software companies) just so you can access really important features. Bar Cop offers all of the inventory control features you need - at one fair price.

What is included with my subscription?

You have full access to Bar Cop for the duration of your subscription period and support from our support team to help you with any issues along the way.

What happens when my subscription expires?

We do not store credit card information and do not automatically charge your credit card again when your subscription expires. You do not need to worry about cancelling your subscription at all. Once your subscription period expires, to continue using Bar Cop you just come back here and sign-up for a new subscription period. You can start a new subscription period at any time after expiration to regain access to previously saved inventory files as long as you do not delete them from your computer.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we may offer subscription discounts to non-profit organizations (must provide documentation), establishments located on USA military bases, and group subscriptions for 5 or more locations... please contact us to get started.

Is the subscription price for a single location?

Yes, the current subscription price is per location (up to 4 locations). Change the quantity to the number of locations you need a subscription for during the checkout process. Subscriptions for 5 or more locations may qualify for a discounted price... please contact us to get started.

What are the requirements to use Bar Cop?

Bar Cop's backend is powered by Microsoft Excel, so you must have a full version of Microsoft Excel 2013 or later installed on a PC with a Windows operating system (sorry not compatible with Excel for Apple). We recommend using a laptop or large tablet. If you will be using voice command to enter data and weighing products, you will also need a headset and weigh scales.

I still have a question?

We would love to help... please send us a message.