Straight forward pricing with no hidden costs.

One plan - All feautures - One affordable price. Get full access to the Bar Cop inventory application with no costly software add-ons and no extra fees for support. You can try the software free for 30 days and if you decide it is right for your business, continue below to use the software after your trial period expires and to also renew expiring current subscription plans.

Bar Cop Subscription Plan
$99 monthly Only $49 per month*
*Get 50% off (a $600 savings) by paying annually
Take inventory by weighing for complete accuracy or point count for simplicity.
Inventory liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, non-alcohol beverages, and food.
Take inventory as often as you want - daily, weekly, monthly, any time period.
Track sales, usage, excess stock, top & bottom sellers, variances, and more.
Enter data using your voice (a headset and MS speech recognition required).
Setup each bar location with the exact product layout for a faster inventory.
Perform shift checks anytime you want to keep bartenders held accountable.
Price out your product pours and drink mixes for the optimal profit potential.
*Price guarantee - If prices go up, yours will stay the same (see faq's below).
Neep help using the software? Full support is included with your subscription.
Optionally add an inventory bar scale or keg scale to weigh your products.
Bar Cop 4.8 Coming Soon

What is the price guarantee with my subscription?

The price lock guarantee protects you from future subscription price increases each time you renew your plan. This means that as long as you keep your subscription plan active, you will always pay your current subscription price in the future. This only applies to subscription plans that are actively renewed within 30 days of a subscription plan expiration date.

What if I decide not to renew my subscription?

We do not store credit card information and do not automatically charge your credit card again when your subscription expires. You do not need to worry about cancelling your subscription at all. Once your subscription period expires, to continue to use the Bar Cop application you will have to manually renew your plan again or you can just let it expire. You can always come back and start a new subscription plan at any time and as long as you do not delete any previous inventory files from your computer, you can access them again once your subscription plan has been renewed. Remember to take advantage of the price guarantee, plans need to be renewed within 30 days of expiration.

I am renewing my subscription and the price has gone up, what do I do?

If you are renewing your subscription within 30 days of expiration, please send us an email and we will give you a special discount code to adjust the pricing back to your original plan price.

I have an older version of Bar Cop, can I change to the subscription version?

Yes, If you have purchased an older version of Bar Cop and would like to switch to 4.8, please email us to learn how to change to a new subscription plan at a discounted price as a thank you for being a loyal customer.

What are the requirements to run Bar Cop?

The Bar Cop application backend is powered by Microsoft Excel. You must have a full version of Microsoft Excel 2007 or later installed on a PC with a Windows operating system. We recommend using a touchscreen laptop or large tablet that can run Excel. Run the free trial on the computer you will be using, to make sure there are no compatibility issues. If the computer you will be using has Windows 10 set to S mode, you will need to remove S mode to install the software.

Can I run Bar Cop on an Apple computer with Excel?

Unfortunately not at this time, Bar Cop currently only runs on Excel for PC.

Does the Bar Cop software store data in the cloud?

No, Bar Cop does not store any of your private business data in the cloud. When using Bar Cop all of your data is stored directly on your personal computer in Excel files. Although we like cloud technology and think it's great for certain things, we are currently against moving to cloud storage for our software and customers. While most inventory apps are using the cloud to store customer data, we do not want to go down the road of taking our customer's private sales and usage data and having it stored on remote servers where that information can be accessed or taken without Bar Cop's or our customer's knowledge in situations like tax audits.

What do I need in order to weigh open products?

To weigh open liquor and wine bottles, you will need a scale that weighs in ounces only. To weigh tapped kegs, you will need a scale that will weigh up to a half barrel keg in pounds/ounces. We offer a full line of high quality inventory scales or you can use your own. Scales will not connect to your computer, so weights are entered by voice command (see question below) or by manually typing in the weights. We do offer one USB inventory scale for bottles that will transfer the weights into the program automatically.

How do I order a scale?

When getting your Bar Cop subscription, select the scales that you want from the drop down boxes and they will be added to your subscription order. You can also purchase a scale in the future by contacting us. Also note that when adding a scale to your subscription, the scale is a one time purchase and you own it. So unless you need to purchase another scale when you renew your subscription plan, you do not need to add it again to the order.

What do I need to use voice command for data entry?

A headset with a noise reduction microphone to plug into your laptop is the only equipment you need (we generally use the Koss CS100 headset). You probably already have the Microsoft SDK speech recognition application installed on your computer. If not download the version for your Windows operating system (it's free). Be sure to use the "train your computer to better understand you" in the speech recognition menu when setting up your headset. Also watch our video tutorial on how to enter data with your voice.

Can you make specific changes or customize the application for me?

Some customization can be done, please contact us (before signing up for a subscription plan) with your requirements and we will let you know if it can be done and if there would be any cost for the changes.

What is included with support?

We offer extensive video tutorials that will walk you through every part of the application, however our support gurus are here to help with any questions you may still have. Just contact our support department and they will give you the help you need.