Bar inventory scale

The BC1000 is a heavy duty scale that can easily weigh liquor, wine, and food. It does not connect to a computer, so Bar Cop with voice command is the best way to take your inventory extremely quick and efficiently.

Liquor Bottle Weigh Scale
In Stock - $199
What's Included?
BC1000 Bar Scale
AC Power Adapter
Rechargeable Battery
One Year Warranty
bar inventory weigh scale
The scale basics

The BC1000 bar inventory scale is a ruggedly handsome piece of liquor bottle weighing machinery.

  stainless steel platform
  can weigh in total ounces
  leveling feet for stability
  dual-sided display screens
restaurant bar scale
Beyond the basics

This versatile bar inventory scale doesn't stop at bottles, weigh your food with it too.

  weigh liquor, wine, and food
  enter weights by voice command
  optionally enter data manually
  tare feature for basic weighing
bar and restaurant inventory weigh scale
The Scale Specs

Let's get down to the fine point specifications on the BC1000 bar inventory scale.

  weighs up to about 30 lbs.
  dimensions are 12" x 12" x 4"
  80 hour rechargeable battery
  scale weighs about 7 pounds
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