Bar Inventory Scale

Bar Inventory Scale

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Bar Inventory Scale
Certified Calibration
AC Power Adapter
Rechargeable Battery
1 Year Warranty
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(USA Lower 48 only)

The bar inventory weigh scale is a multi-purpose weigh scale for liquor, wine, and even food weighing. It's ideal for bars, restaurants, and hotels that want to get serious about inventory control with accurate product weighing at the end of each inventory period. Although the inventory scale can be used on its own to manually weigh products, the scale is meant to be used in conjunction with one of our bar inventory software applications for complete inventory management and employee theft prevention.

It is as simple as putting a bottle on the scale and entering the weight into your inventory software... yes it's that easy. The bar inventory scale is a cost-effective, high quality weigh scale designed to provide fast and accurate weighing performance while lasting in rugged restaurant and bar environments. The bar inventory scale offers durability and dependability in a light weight design and features: large stainless steel platform, simple operation, weight results within seconds, and operates on the included AC or included rechargeable battery. If you want to start weighing your open liquor and wine bottles for better inventory control, then our bottle weigh scale and bar inventory software will do the job you need!

Liquor Bottle Scale
Main Features
  Weigh open liquor, wine, and food products
  Large 7" x 9" stainless steel weigh platform
  ABS plastic housing for lasting durability
  Runs off AC adaptor or rechargeable battery
  80+ hour run time on rechargeable battery
  Built-to-last with 30 pound weight capacity
  Weighs in ounce, kilogram, pound, & gram
  Use with our inventory software application

Restaurant Inventory Scale
Sleek design

The bar inventory scale is built to withstand years and years of use in harsh restaurant and bar environments. A low profile and adjustable feet provide the weigh scale a flat weighing surface for accurate calculations every time.

Bar Liquor Inventory Scale
Large Platform

Not only does the inventory weigh scale have a large 7" x 9" weighing platform ensuring bottles never accidently fall off of the sides, the platform is made from stainless steel and can be easily removed after use for a fast cleanup.

Bar Weigh Scale
Backside Display

The scale comes equipped with both front and backside LCD displays allowing you to see the calculated weights from both sides, making inventory software data entry a breeze when two people are available to take inventory.

Liquor and Wine Inventory Scale
Simple Operation

Easy-to-use is an understatement. Simply turn the inventory scale on, make sure the unit setting is set to ounces (or your chosen unit of measure), place an open bottle onto the scale, and enter each bottle weight into our bar inventory software.



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Why should I weigh my open liquor and wine bottles?

Weighing your open liquor and wine inventory bottles allows you to track your usage and shrinkage much closer than taking inventory by point count.

What's the difference in weighing open bottles and point counts?

Using a point count for inventory control is an outdated method. Although you can still use this method to count your inventory, the margin of error is very high and an accurate inventory will never be taken. The margin of error of using the point count method (eye-balling) is between 12 and 15 percent. Weighing your open bottles will bring your inventory down to about a 2 percent margin of error. That can be the difference in tracking the loss of $1000's in profits each week due to theft, over-pouring, etc.of error.

How easy is it to use a bar inventory scale?

Our bar inventory scales are very easy to use. Just turn the scale on, set the scale to weigh in total ounces, place an open liquor bottle onto the heavy duty platform, and record the total ounce weight. Lastly enter the ounce weights into our bar inventory software and let it do the rest.

How do I know how much liquor is in the bottle after weighing?

If you do not have an inventory control program to do the calculations for you, to find the fluid ounces of an open bottle you will need to have the tare weight and density of your products and manually calculate after the open bottle is weighed. Our inventory control software performs these calculations for you and allows you to calculate tare weights and bottle weight adjustments automatically.

Can the bar scale be used for purposes other than bottle weighing?

Yes all of our bar scales can be used for multiple purposes. Some of our scales are made specifically for bar and restaurant kitchens and might be suitable for different needs.

Does the scale connect to a laptop when used with the software?

No, sorry at this time the scale does not connect to a computer. When using the scale with our software, you manaully enter the weights into the program as you take them. This is how we keep our software at a low cost and remain affordable to most bars and restaurants. If we changed the software to a more integrated solution between a scale and computer, our price would go from a few hundred dollars to many thousands. There are a few $3000+ systems like that already on the market and we do not wish to be another one of them.