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Our inventory software is made for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, taverns, and hotels. It offers you complete inventory tracking capabilities for all your liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer and kitchen products. Whether you are a small local bar, full scale restaurant, or nightclub, the inventory software makes product usage tracking and theft detection a breeze. You can take inventory as often as you like, daily, weekly, monthly, and even do shift checks to get a closer insight on how specific employees are handling your profits. Implementing the inventory software into your restaurant, nightclub, or bar, and having a regular inventory system in place will show you how much of your retail sales are being lost due to straight out theft, over-pouring, drinks being given away for free, etc. The stock software will guide you in ordering the correct amount of product and keeping control of your on-hand inventory levels, allowing you to cash flow your profits more efficiently. The bottom line is - using the inventory software in your establishment will streamline your inventory, help put a stop to theft, and keep your profits where they belong. Protect your profits now. Use the inventory control software with one of our high quality liquor weigh scales and keg scales to track your inventory accurately and gain an insight to your true retail losses and profit potential.

  Weigh your open liquor and wine bottles
  Weigh tapped kegs for complete accuracy
  Easily inventory all non-beverage items
  Calculate sales variances & profit losses
  Inventory sales, usage, & loss reports
  Adjust for happy hour, comps, spills, etc.
  Take your inventory daily, weekly, monthly
Restaurant inventory software
Bar inventory software
Nightclub inventory software
Tavern inventory software


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What are the requirements to use the inventory software?

No expensive handhelds, scanners, or other complicated devices needed. To operate the inventory software, all you need is a computer (laptop recommended) with Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer (full version) installed. Not compatible with OpenOffice, Google Docs, etc.

What is the inventory control software?

The inventory software is for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, taverns, hotels and designed to be a complete liquor, wine, bottle beer, and draft beer inventory control application that tracks your inventory by weighing your open bottles and tapped kegs for a more accurate count. You can take point counts on some products and weigh others at the same time, or weigh all your products. It will completely track your bar inventory and give you reports on your usage, costs, and losses. View the bar inventory software demo - Click Here To Download.

How easy is it to setup the inventory software?

Setup time depends on the size of your restaurant, bar, or nightclub stock. The only setup needed to start using the software is to enter basic product information prior to taking your very first inventory. This includes the products you carry, prices, pour sizes, etc. Once this information is entered, it only needs to be altered if you change prices or products.

What's the difference in weighing open bottles and point counts?

Using a point count for inventory control is an outdated method. Although you can still use this method to count your inventory, the margin of error is very high and an accurate inventory will never be taken. The margin of error of using the point count method (eye-balling) is between 12 and 15 percent. Weighing your open bottles and using calculated tare weights, will bring your inventory to under a 2 percent margin of error. That can be the difference in tracking the loss of 00's in profits each week due to theft, over-pouring, etc.

Do I need a scale to use with the program?

The inventory program is designed to be used with scales to weigh your open liquor and wine bottles and tapped kegs. The bottle scale needs to weigh in total ounces and the keg scale needs to weigh in pounds. We offer high quality scales that are built for heavy duty inventory use, however the inventory control software can be used with any scales with the above requirements. Optionally you can enter inventory using point counts.

Does the inventory software track by drink recipes?

No, a misconception in the inventory software business, is that you need to track your liquor by drink recipes. In reality, this is a feature that does not work and is only used as a selling point. First, you would have to have every recipe of every drink entered in your inventory software and also your POS system (you can't just pick and choose recipes). If you managed to accomplish that, then secondly you would have to rely on your bartenders to hit the correct drink name key, every single time. With 1000's of drink keys in your POS, that just isn't going to happen. As long as your mixed drinks are cost out correctly (mixed drink sell prices should be calculated using a standard shot size/price for each liquor poured in the drink) and your bartenders charge the correct price (not always hit the correct drink key) then your liquor will always be tracked accurately by comparing your total sales to your total product usage.

I have a small stock, do I need inventory control software?

Every bar, restaurant, nightclub, and hotel, no matter the size needs not only inventory software but proper inventory control procedures. It is a documented fact on average lose 20% or more retail profit to shrinkage. Can a establishment of any size afford to lose that much profit?