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Fast, efficient, and affordable inventory management for bars and restaurants.

This is Bar Cop

Beverage and food management kept simple. Inventory data entry using voice command, auto calculated product orders, customized product layout in storage and bar locations, weigh or point count, and much more.

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Simple User Interface

Bar Cop's interface is designed to be simple to understand and use, with clear terminology and straight forward operation. Software can be complicated, so we made sure that every aspect of the Bar Cop application functions with simplicity right from the start.

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Easy Customization

The Bar Cop software is broken down into 6 main categories: liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, non-alcohol, and food. Each of these categories has its own inventory locations that can be changed to match your business layout by changing or deleting headers.

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Exact Product Layout

When you first setup the Bar Cop application, you will create a master list of your products. Once you have your storage and bar locations setup by customizing the section headers, from the master list you can setup products in the same order as each bar location.

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Detailed Reporting

Bar Cop generates reports at the end of each inventory period that help you better understand product usage in your bar. Reports include a complete breakdown from beginning to ending inventory usage, top and bottom sellers, excess inventory, and more.

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Variance Performance

When comparing your actual register sales to theoretical sales (what your sales should be based on true product usage) you can determine your variance, in other words learn what you are actually losing in retail profit to theft, over-pouring, free drink giveaways, etc.

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Automated Ordering

Bar Cop calculates your order par levels (can be adjusted as needed) that dynamically change each inventory period based on each product's previous usage history, creating your orders automatically so you do not order too much or too little stock.

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Order Management

Place orders quickly by filtering your products by each vendor and downloading each product order in PDF format allowing quick attachment to email to vendors in seconds. You can also filter and simply print product order information to fax vendor orders.

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Price Management

Do you know if your drinks are really priced out correctly? Drink pricing is one of the most important aspects of inventory control and Bar Cop helps you price out your shots and mixed drinks accurately so there is no profit being left on the table.

Beverage & Food Inventory Control Kept Simple

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What exactly is the Bar Cop inventory software?

Our inventory application is made specifically for bars, restaurants, and cafes. It offers you complete inventory tracking capabilities for all your liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, non-alcohol, and food products. Whether you are a small local cafe or full scale restaurant, Bar Cop makes product usage tracking and theft detection quick and easy. You can take inventory as often as you like - daily, weekly, monthly, or any other chosen inventory period to see how employees are handling your profits. Implementing the our bar inventory application into your establishment, and having a regular inventory system in place will show you how much of your retail sales are being lost due to theft, over-pouring, drinks being given away for free, etc. Bar Cop will guide you in ordering the correct amount of product and keeping control of your on-hand inventory levels, allowing you to cash flow your retail profits more effectively. The bottom line is - using Bar Cop in your business will streamline your inventory, help stop theft, and keep your profits where they belong. Use the software with one of our high quality inventory weigh scales to track your inventory accurately and gain an insight to your true retail losses and profit potential.

What are the requirements to run the Bar Cop inventory software?

No expensive handhelds, scanners, or other complicated devices needed. A laptop or other computer with Microsoft Excel 2007 or later installed is all you need. If you want to take advantage of using voice commands for data entry then you will need a headset and MS speech recognition (it's free) installed on your computer. If you will be weighing your open bottles, then all you need is a scale that weighs in ounces for bottles and a scale that can weigh kegs. Bar Cop is not compatible with Apple Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs, etc.

Does the Bar Cop software store data in the cloud?

No, Bar Cop does not store any of your private business data in the cloud. When using Bar Cop all of your data is stored directly on your personal computer in Excel files. Although we like cloud technology and think it's great for certain things, we are currently against moving to cloud storage for our software and customers. While most inventory apps are using the cloud to store customer data, we do not want to go down the road of taking our customer's private sales and usage data and having it stored on remote servers where that information can be accessed or taken without Bar Cop's or our customer's knowledge in situations like tax audits.

What about support, is it included?

Absolutely! If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us. *Full support is included with Bar Cop 4.8 that is currently available online. If you have an older version of Bar Cop, please reference your software for support information.

Do I need a scale to use with the program?

You will only need a scale to weigh your open liquor, wine bottles, or if you want to weigh tapped kegs. You can purchase a scale from Bar Cop when you get your subscription plan, or you can use your own. Optionally you can enter inventory using point counts instead of weighing.

Does Bar Cop track by drink recipes?

No, a misconception in inventory control, is that you have to track your liquor by drink recipes. In reality, this is not an accurate way to track inventory and is only used as a selling point by some software companies. Why isn't it an accurate way to track inventory? First, you would have to have every recipe of every drink entered in your inventory software and also your POS system (you can't just pick and choose recipes). If you managed to accomplish that, then secondly you would have to rely on your bartenders to hit the correct drink key, every single time. With potentially 1,000's of drink keys now in your POS, that just isn't going to happen. The reality is most POS systems have a button for each of their liquors and possibly some specialty drinks. You can't track inventory by drink recipes with a POS setup like that, because your bartender doesn't have the capability to ring all drinks up with a designated recipe. The truth is as long as your mixed drinks are cost out correctly (mixed drink sell prices should be calculated using a standard shot size/price for each liquor poured in the drink) and your bartenders charge the correct price (not always hit the correct drink key) then your liquor will always be tracked accurately by comparing your total sales to total usage.

I have a small stock, do I need inventory control software?

Every restaurant or bar, no matter the size needs not only inventory software but proper inventory control procedures. It is a documented fact on average lose 20% or more retail profit to shrinkage. Can an establishment of any size afford to lose that much profit?

Can I customize the inventory software on my own?

No, sorry the software cannot be customized by the purchaser. If there is a customization that you would like, send us an email and tell us about it. If it is something that can be done, we will let you know.