Liquor weigh scale

Weigh your liquor and wine bottles every 2 seconds.

Liquor Bottle Weigh Scale

BC8200 weigh scale

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What's included?
BC8200 weigh scale
USB interface kit
Wedge software
1 year warranty
bar liquor weigh scale
About the BC8200 scale

Weigh bottles every 2 seconds.

The BC8200 liquor weigh scale is built for fast, simple, and accurate liquor and wine bottle weighing, with automatic weight transfer into Bar Cop.

The BC8200 inventory scale comes standard with a stainless steel platform, leveling feet for stability, and USB interface to connect to your computer.

liquor bottle weigh scale
Beyond the basics

High-tech liquor bottle weighing.

The BC8200 inventory weigh scale includes a free wedge data application that bridges your computer and it together for seamless operation.

Power the BC8200 with the included AC adaptor or optionally by batteries for easy portability around your bar locations when weighing bottles.

bar weigh scale for liqur bottles
Scale details

The BC8200 specifications

Designed for heavy use in rugged bar and restaurant environments, the BC8200 liquor inventory scale is built to last and protected by a 1 year warranty.

The BC8200 has a weight capacity of about 18 pounds and a compact housing with overall dimensions of 8" x 8.8" x 2" making it easy to handle and carry.


What can I weigh with the BC8200 bar scale?

The BC8200 bar weigh scale is a versatile scale that can weight liquor bottles and wine bottles with fast and precise weight measurements. The compact and low-profile design make it easy to move around during the weighing process.

Does the BC8200 connect to my computer?

Yes, the BC8200 connects directly to your laptop with the included USB connection kit. This allows the inventory scale to transfer bottle weights into Bar Cop as quickly as you can weigh a bottle. The BC8200 bottle weigh scale is perfect for a fast and accurate inventory process.

How is the BC8200 scale powered?

This bar inventory weigh scale is powered by either the included AC adaptor or 4 "AA" batteries for easy mobility.

Does the BC8200 scale come with a warranty?

Yes! This liquor bottle scale comes with a standard one year warranty from the time of purchase. Any mechanical defects (not caused by user) during the warranty include scale replacement if issue cannot be fixed.

Can I use the bar inventory scale without software?

The BC8200 bar scale is a standard digital weighing device that weighs in either ounces, pounds, grams, or kilograms. It will accurately weigh any liquor or wine bottle in these units of measurement. However, when weighing liquor and wine, the scale alone is not a complete inventory solution. It needs to be used with Bar Cop's inventory software to calculate correct product usage.

How long does it take to receive the scale?

Please see our shipping and return policies for details.