Keg Inventory Weigh Scale

BC2500 Large Keg
Weigh Scale

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What's Included?
BC2500 Keg Weigh Scale
AC Power Adapter
One Year Warranty
FREE Shipping
USA Lower 48 Only
Draft Weighing Kept Simple

The BC2500 keg scale is built for draft inventories with a good amount of half barrel kegs to weigh. It's large base size makes keg weighing super easy and extremely fast, yet still has the accuracy to weigh your smaller keg sizes too.

»  Makes weighing any keg a breeze
»  Manually enter data into software
»  Weighing accuracy within 0.2 lbs
»  Over 440 pound weighing capacity
»  Runs on AC adapter or batteries
»  360 hours of use with batteries
»  Painted steel weighing platform
»  Base measures 20.5 in X 16 in
»  Mountable LCD display with cable
»  Adjustable base feet for stability
»  Free shipping to US lower 48 only
»  Inventory software NOT included
Keg Weigh Scale
Large Platform

The BC2500 keg scale has a short profile and large 20.5" X 16" platform base with a 440lb weight capacity that is perfect for large keg inventories.

Draft Beer Weigh Scale
Mountable LCD Display

The LCD display monitor attaches to the platform with a long extension cable that can optionally be mounted while the scale is being used.

Draft Beer Keg Weigh Scale
Simple Operation

The BC2500 keg scale can be powered by its AC adapter or optionally three "C" batteries making it easily moved from one keg to the next.

Keg Inventory Weigh Scale
Keg Weighing

The BC2500 large keg scale is recommended for all keg sizes and/or keg inventories that have a large number of half barrel kegs.

What is the BC2500 keg weigh scale?

The BC2500 small keg inventory scale is a solid steel, rugged, and durable draft beer keg weighing machine. The large BC2500 keg scale is designed to be used in walk-in coolers with ample floor space and bars that have a large inventory of half barrel kegs. But just because the large keg scale is made to hold half barrel kegs easily, it will easily and accurately weigh smaller sized kegs too. The benefit of the bigger keg scale for half barrel sizes, is the keg will sit flat on the scale's base without having to balance it like on the smaller keg scale.

How long does it take to get the BC2500 keg scale?

All orders are shipped UPS ground for free. In stock scales are shipped the same day when ordered before 2:00 pm CST Monday-Friday. Orders placed after 2:00 Monday-Thursday will ship the next day. Orders placed after 2:00 on Friday and orders placed over the weekend will ship the following Monday. You should receive your scale within 2-5 business days from the time of shipping. We only ship to the lower 48 US states. If you would like to order a scale for a location outside the lower 48 US states please read our entire shipping policy for more details.

Why should I weigh my tapped beer kegs?

Weighing your tapped beer kegs allows you to track your usage and losses much closer than taking inventory by shaking & guessing.

What's the difference in weighing kegs & the shake/guess method?

Using a shake and guess for beer keg inventory control is an outdated method. Although you can still use this method to count your inventory, the margin of error is very high and an accurate inventory will never be taken. The margin of error of using the shake and guess method is usually around 15 percent. Weighing your tapped kegs, will bring your inventory down to a 2 percent margin of error. That can be the difference in tracking the loss of 00's in retail profits each week due to theft, over-pouring, etc.

How easy is it to use the beer keg scale?

Our BC2500 large keg scale is very easy to use. Just turn it on, rest the edge of a tapped keg onto the heavy duty platform and record the total weight. Enter the weight into the Bar Cop inventory control software and let it do the rest.

How do I know how much beer is in the keg after weighing?

Once the weights are entered into our inventory software, it performs all of the calculations for you.

Can I use the scale to monitor a keg continuously?

No. You should never leave the scale in a cold climate at all times. Scales are not made to withstand the cold temperature of a beer cooler for extended periods of time. This can damage the scales accuracy. You should only weigh your kegs at the end of each inventory period and then store the scale in a room temperature climate until the next time to weigh.

Can I use the scale for other purposes?

Yes. The scale is great for heavy weighing kitchen purposes also. However, it is not calibrated low enough to accurately weigh light products like liquor bottles in ounces.