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BigCommerce is one of the largest eCommerce website management software companies online today. They began in 2009 and have since grown to over 400 employees and have 5 offices across the globe. The BigCommerce eCommerce website platform helps people with little to no experience start selling directly to consumers online. BigCommerce has multiple levels of feature plans that begin at $29.95 per month and go up from there. For a restaurant, bar, or nightclub looking to also sell products online the entry level plan is really all you would need. It has a ton of features and reporting capabilities that virtually manage your entire website and online sells for you. BigCommerce allows you to quickly setup an online store for those bars and restaurants looking to grow revenue stream through selling your own private label food products, branded merchandise, and anything else you might want to sell to your customer base. The BigCommerce platform is designed for ease of use and is nicely laid out making it easy to navigate and learn the software functions without a big learning curve. 24/7 phone and email support is included in the monthly price, so that really comes in handy if you find you do have some questions or need help with some of the features. BigCommerce also comes with a large website theme database both free and paid themes available from third party vendors, making it easy to find the exact look and design layout you want for your establishment. Running your eCommerce website through BigCommerce also gives you the ability to sell your products virtually anywhere online including: Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Google shopping, and they have a "Buy Now" button capability so you can sell products on a blog or other website you have access too. Your website also comes optimized for viewing on desktop, touchpad, and mobile devices automatically which is extremely important today.

» Complete website content management system
» Reliable support 24/7 and community support
» Plenty of credit card processing integrations
» Hosted eCommerce website/selling platform
» Easily manage online orders and inventory
» Responsive website design for all platforms
» Sell directly through multiple online channels
» Third party application integrations if needed
» 15 day free software trial before payment
» Ability to build custom solutions through API

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: BigCommerce has built-in credit card processing capabilities for online transactions that are process through your website. At the time of this review they have special PayPal rate of 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction. For online transactions this rate is pretty decent, however a nice feature with BigCommerce is they allow you to integrate with many other payment processors and do not charge an additional processing fee if you do. This gives you the freedom to shop around for rates and select an online merchant processor that you feel the most comfortable with. Online credit card processing that currently integrate with BigCommerce are: PayPal, Square, Amazon Pay,, and Stripe. This list may not be the only merchant accounts that can be used with BigCommerce so if you have another processor in mind, contact BigCommerce and see if they can be integrated.

INTEGRATIONS: Although for most restaurant, bar, and nightclub websites the built-in features that come with the standard monthly plan will be more than enough, BigCommerce does have an extensive third party app database. You can use third party apps to supplement certain functionality that you might need that BigCommerce falls short on. App integrations include things like creating loyalty programs for your customers, eCommerce marketing help, age verification if needed, QuickBooks accounting integration, and many more. Some apps are free to use, but these usually limit the features available and require you to upgrade to a full version to get the most out of them. So when looking at third party apps, know that they usually cost an additional monthly fee to use them.

OVERALL: BigCommerce is an all-around good eCommerce and website management platform. The starting monthly price is a little more expensive than some of the other leading software platforms in this category, however BigCommerce also offers a lot of standard built-in features that others charge additional fees for. So, depending on the exact features that you need for your restaurant, bar, or nightclub website this can be either a positive or a negative for you. The software's back-end is very intuitive and functions effortlessly even for people with no experience using a website content management system, which is great. Website themes are easy to import, however if you have no experience in website design you might need some help from a more experience person if you want any major changes made to the theme once it is installed. This can be an extra expense so be sure to factor that into your budget if you have one. Overall we feel that BigCommerce is a great solution if you want to add an eCommerce platform to your restaurant or nightclub to grow sales in a new sales vertical.

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