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Cayan Merchant Account Review

Cayan began in 1998 and was originally founded as Merchant Warehouse, however rebranded their core business as Cayan in 2015. They are headquartered in Boston and also have a corporate office in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Today they process credit cards for hundreds of thousands of merchants and run a pretty tight ship. Cayan has become a leading integration partner with many of the most popular point of sale software companies, so this creates a big advantage to restaurant, bar, and nightclub owners when looking at different software options. Although we believe Cayan to be a well-rounded merchant account provider, that doesn't come without their faults. When you are as large as Cayan and service the number of merchants that they do, problems do surface. They seem to have a past record of failing to deal with some customer support problems as efficiently as they should have, however since their restructuring we have been pleased to see them handle with customer complaints much better in an open and transparent way. We appreciate this change and most restaurants and bars who have dealt with credit card processing issues in the past will too. Cayan offers a complete credit card processing solution under their Genius platform that when integrated with your POS software allows you to process credit cards in every way possible. This helps simplify the process and can bring your establishment into today's technology driven world.

» Cayan Genius platform, cloud based, secure
» Top-notch customer data storage security
» EMV chip payments and PCI compliance
» Intuitive back-office reconciliation reporting
» No contract cancellation fees or penalties
» Below average credit card processing rates
» Genius credit card processing terminals
» POS, online, terminal, and mobile payments
» Easy point of sale software API integration
» Industry leading gift card processing system

POS INTEGRATIONS: Cayan has a large portfolio of POS software integrations giving establishment owners who want to process with Cayan a good number of options. These partnerships make it easy for you to get setup with integrated credit card processing within the point of sale software very easy, usually you need to add your merchant ID number and you are in business. As we review new point of sale software companies that integrate with a Cayan merchant account we will add them to the list below so you can get a better feel for your choices:

PLATFORM: Cayan runs on their proprietary Genius platform which entails both hardware and back-office reporting software. Genius is a scalable platform that helps improve customer experience by integrating processing and payment acceptance under one system. The Genius platform is completely customizable to your establishment, letting you setup credit processing the best way for you business, whether you need countertop processing through a terminal POS system or a portable solution for tableside ordering. Cayan Genius works for all situations.

OVERALL: Cayan really seems to have made big changes to overcome past issues with customer support problems and that is a big plus in our book. With a company their size (as with any business) we know that there will be situations that slip through the cracks causing some future unsatisfied customers. However because Cayan in one of the few merchant account providers that offers a true no cancellation fee contract, in reality you are on a month-to-month plan giving you an easy out if you are not happy with their service. In the credit card processing space that alone is a huge benefit. Overall we like Cayan as a payment processor and think most establishments, whether a neighborhood bar or full-service restaurant, would benefit having them as their merchant account.

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Cayan Credit Card Processing Review