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Inventory Control Kept Simple

Our free inventory software is designed to manage your stock fast, accurate, and efficiently with zero monthly fess or on-going costs. Track your liquor, wine, bottle beer, and draft beer... daily, weekly, or monthly to control theft and raise your bar's profitability.

»  Track liquor, wine, bottle, & draft
»  Weigh open liquor, wine, and kegs
»  Optionally inventory by point count
»  Limited number of products allowed
»  Calculates potential sales & losses
»  View costs, usage, & variances
»  Adjust happy hour, comps, & spills
»  Inventory daily, weekly, or monthly
»  Basic inventory control features
»  Paid support only with free version
»  Sent to your email in 48 - 72 hours
»  All for an affordable price... Free
Easy, Accurate, and 100% Free
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It's Free Software!

We didn't just make our free bar inventory software beyond affordable and easy-to-use... we packed in everything you need to track your liquor, wine, and beer inventory successfully.

Bar inventory software product setup
Product Setup

Product set up is a breeze, just enter in some basic information like pour size, regular price, bottle cost, etc. and you'll be ready to go in no time. We given plenty of space for bars and restaurants with small inventories to get the job done.

Bar inventory software inventory entry
Inventory Entry

Take inventory daily, weekly, monthly... it's entirely up to you. Weighing bottles is fast and accurate with automatic data transfer from our bottle scale. Then just enter your on-hand full bottle stock and any purchases you received... and done.

Bar inventory software happy hour
Happy Hour

Sell specific products at a discount for happy hour? No problem... just go to the happy hour section and enter in the discounted price and save. At the end of the inventory period enter the drink number sold and let the program do the rest.

Bar inventory software reports
Detailed Reporting

There's really no point in taking an inventory if you can't study each product's raw data numbers... and that's what the software breaks down for you; pour costs, inventory values, product usage, usage costs, potential retail sales, and more.

Bar inventory software ordering management
Limited Products

We've designed our free software to fit the needs of small restaurants and cafes that don't carry a lot of brands on-hand, but still need to track their inventory correctly. Inventory up to 30 liquors, 10 wines, 10 drafts, and 10 bottle beers.

Bar inventory software profit
Profit & Loss

So how much are you really losing to theft, over-pouring, and waste? Compare your register sales to potential sales based on actual usage and see how large of a variance your business has.... 5%, 10%, 20%, maybe more in lost profits.

What exactly is the FREE bar inventory software?

Our FREE bar inventory software is made specifically for small bars and restaurants with limited inventory. It offers you complete inventory tracking capabilities for all your liquor, wine, bottle beer, and draft beer. You can take inventory as often as you like - daily, weekly, monthly, or any other chosen inventory period to see how employees are handling your profits. The bottom line is - using our free bar inventory software in your establishment will help control your inventory and stopping theft at a price you definitely can afford. Use the software with our bottle weigh scale to track your inventory accurately and gain an insight to your true retail losses and profit potential.

What is the difference between FREE, PRO, and ELITE software versions?

The FREE inventory software version is limited in features, functionality, and also limits the number of products you can inventory. The PRO software version is featured packed and will inventory an unlimited number of liquor, wine, bottle beer, and draft beer products. The ELITE version is a step up from the PRO version allowing you to inventory anything... all alcohol, food, merchandise, whatever your establishment sells. For complete details on the software versions, see each software page.

What are the requirements to use the bar inventory software?

No expensive handhelds, scanners, or other complicated devices needed. If you will be weighing your open bottles, then all you need is our bottle scale that connects directly to your laptop via USB to automatically transfer weight data or you can manually enter weight data using our kitchen scale (optionally enter inventory by point counts). To operate the inventory software, all you need is a PC computer (PC laptop recommended) with Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer (full PC version) installed. Using on an Apple/Mac device with Excel for Apple may have compatibility issues and is not recommended or supported by Bar Cop (use on an Apple computer at your own risk). Not compatible with OpenOffice, Google Docs, etc.

What are the support plan options?

We offer four different support plans for a discounted price at time of software purchase:
You don't need support - $0
3 months (90 days) of support is $59
6 months (180 days) of support is $99
1 year (365 days) of support is $149

Simply select which support plan you would like in the support option drop down before adding software to your shopping cart. You can also choose the standard no support plan option. If you choose no support at the time of purchase and need support in the future, you can view our normal support plan options and order a support plan of your choice at the regular price.

What are the software license options?

The FREE software price includes a use license for 1 location/establishment only. A location is the entire establishment, not the number of bar stations located at that location/establishment.

How long does it take to get the FREE software after ordering?

Software is delivered to the email address used during checkout and is sent after the license is issued. You should receive your FREE inventory software in 48-72 hours after ordering. If you haven't received the software within 72 hours, first check your spam folder if you have one and if it is not there please contact us.

How easy is it to setup the inventory software?

Setup time depends on the size of your bar's stock. The only setup needed to start using the software is to enter basic product information prior to taking your very first inventory. This includes the products you carry, prices, pour sizes, etc. Once this information is entered, it only needs to be altered if you change prices or products.

Do I need a scale to use with the program?

The inventory program is designed to be used with one of our BC8000 inventory scale or the BC1000 inventory scale to weigh your open liquor, wine bottles, and one of our keg scales if you want to weigh tapped kegs. Optionally you can enter inventory using point counts.

What's the difference in weighing open bottles and point counts?

Using a point count for inventory control is an outdated method. Although you can still use this method to count your inventory, the margin of error is very high and an accurate inventory will never be taken. The margin of error of using the point count method (eye-balling) is between 12 and 15 percent. Weighing your open bottles and using calculated tare weights, will bring your inventory to under a 2 percent margin of error.

Does the bar inventory software track by drink recipes?

No, a misconception in inventory control, is that you have to track your liquor by drink recipes. In reality, this is not an accurate way to track inventory and is only used as a selling point by some software companies. Why isn't it an accurate way to track inventory? First, you would have to have every recipe of every drink entered in your inventory software and also your POS system (you can't just pick and choose recipes). If you managed to accomplish that, then secondly you would have to rely on your bartenders to hit the correct drink key, every single time. With potentially 1,000's of drink keys now in your POS, that just isn't going to happen. The reality is most POS systems have a button for each of their liquors and possibly some specialty drinks. You can't track inventory by drink recipes with a POS setup like that, because your bartender doesn't have the capability to ring all drinks up with a designated recipe. The truth is as long as your mixed drinks are cost out correctly (mixed drink sell prices should be calculated using a standard shot size/price for each liquor poured in the drink) and your bartenders charge the correct price (not always hit the correct drink key) then your liquor will always be tracked accurately by comparing your total sales to total usage.

Can I customize the bar inventory software on my own?

No, sorry the software cannot be customized by the purchaser. The program is locked to ensure that the formulations to make accurate calculations are not corrupted. The design, formulas, and functionality are also the copyright of Bar Cop and cannot be manipulated. You can however, add a new sheet to the program and add your own calculations on that sheet by pulling in any information you need from the program. If there is a feature or customization that you would like, send us an email and tell us about it. If it is something that can be done, we will do it for a customization charge.