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LightSpeed Review

LightSpeed Review


OVERVIEW: LightSpeed is a comprehensive, cloud-based IPad point of sale system. Although LightSpeed started offering POS software to the general retail market, we are very impressed with the way they have adapted the software application to fit the restaurant industry and made it scalable for use in small bars, quick service setups, and large full services. LightSpeed POS is one of the few software applications that has made the transition from retail to restaurant use successfully, and it really does the job nicely. LightSpeed POS offers just about any feature you could want in a restaurant and delivers them in a streamlined and extremely easy to use way. This is a big selling point for us, because of the simplicity of use really gives owners, management, and employees the ability to quickly servce their customers in a efficient and cost effective manner. With features like quick table side ordering that prints directly to the bar or kitchen, it really helps your employees manage customers better and drastically cuts down on ordering errors. The LightSpeed interface is well-built with a clean design, plus the functionality works flawlessly from start to finish. This was a great surprise to us, because we usually find a small hiccup or two on most of the software applications that we try. The LightSpeed software suite also has a super secure database backup mode that protects against internet outages, allowing your business to keep operating and taking orders with no internet connection. This is a huge plus knowing that every minute you can't take orders, you lose money.


» IPad hosted software with cloud database
» 24/7 phone and email support is included
» Access database menu anytime, anywhere
» Tableside orders sent direct to kitchen/bar
» Integrated remote aid and daily data backups
» Access your real-time reports on any device
» Run point of sale on or offline with backups
» Set account restrictions based on staff roles
» Built for full-service restaurants and cafes
» Discounted IPad hardware bundles available

PRICING: The pricing starts at $69 a month for a single station which is on par with the majority of the top IPad software companies on the market. Pricing the scales to $129 per month for 3 stations and $198 per month for up to 6 stations. If you need more stations than 6 then you can get a personalized quote. Free 24/7 support and software updates is included in the price, so there are no additional costs or add-ons that you have to pay for.

Starting From: $69.00 per month / billed anually
Pricing Model: Subscription (cloud based software / fully hosted)
Free Trial: Available (no credit card required)
Contracts: No contracts (cancel subscription at anytime)
Support: 24/7 support is included with all pricing plans

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: LightSpeed has some strong merchant account integration options that allow you to seamlessly process credit cards through the terminal. These include Tyro for payment processing in Australia, Moneris for Canada, IZettle for Europe, Cayan and Vantiv for integrated credit card processing in the United States. LightSpeed doesn't seem to have a non-integrated solution which can be an issue if you currently have a merchant account with another company. However, merchant providers like Vantiv can usually get you out of a current contract if you are looking to switch, so it never hurts to contact them and see what they can do for you.

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LightSpeed POS Software Review
Intuitive Design

LightSpeed's POS software interface is easy to work with and designed for simple customization. The graphics and colors are welcoming which makes a big difference in long-term use.

Restaurant Inventory Scale
Order Anywhere

LightSpeed restaurant POS allows you to take orders from behind the bar, wait station, or directly from the table. Built utilizing the IPad platform, taking orders from a docked station or on-the-go will give your restaurant the versatility it needs.

INTEGRATIONS: Integrations, integrations, and more integrations. The list of third party integrations that LightSpeed offers is well a little overwhelming, because it is a lot. Luckily most of the integrations apply to the retail side and restaurants and bars won't need them. They do have some pretty neat integrations though that might benefit your business from accounting, online ordering, online reservations, and eCommerce if you are looking to also sell products online. This list of available LightSpeed integrations is so long we won't go into here, just ask about them when you contact LightSpeed.

OVERALL: LightSpeed is about as good as it gets when it comes to a cloud-based IPad POS application for use in restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. We just couldn't find anything wrong with it. Of course we probably could have nit-picked on a few small things here or there, but when we try software that functions as well as LightSpeed there really isn't a point to. Now that's not saying it will work for your establishment, always try before you buy to make sure it meets your needs. However, in our testing the software functioned extremely satisfactory and we wouldn't hesitate to use it in a restaurant of our own. LightSpeed gets the job done and on an easy to use platform to boot.