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Shopify is a powerful eCommerce hosting platform that has bridged the gap between selling online and directly in person. With the Shopify POS application allows you to connect quick credit card processing from a smartphone directly into your hosted website database creating a seamless transition. This is a huge benefit to restaurants, bars, cafes, or any other type of hospitality company that is looking to expand profits by adding product sells outside of your traditional brick-and-mortar establishment. Now restaurant and bar owners have an opportunity to create additional revenue streams by selling branded merchandise and private label food and beverage products both online and at any physical location that can help you drive more business. Not only does this help you tap into a customer base that might not have been accessible before, it also builds brand awareness and a dedicated following for your establishment. Shopify is currently the largest eCommerce website hosting platform made specifically for retail businesses to easily sell online and in-person. The Shopify system is easy to use and you really don't need any type of website design or building knowledge to get started. There are 100's of pre-designed website themes for the restaurant and bar industry that can be uploaded directly into your Shopify account, then you simply change logo, colors, add your products, and start selling. It really is that easy. Shopify is a completely hosted platform which means everything is stored on their secure servers, so all you need to get started is a domain name (which can be purchased directly through your account or transferred to it). Shopify handles all PCI compliance, security updates, maintenance, and support, so all you need to focus on is sells. Pricing plans are very reasonable starting at $29 per month for a basic plan and go up from there. 24/7 support is included in the price, so that is a big plus. Feature-wise Shopify can't be beat and if there is a function you need that happens to not be in the Shopify platform, there will be a third party app that can easily be integrated. Shopify offers a free 14 day trial to get started and see if it will work for your business.

» Customizable website, online store, & blog
» Reliable support 24/7 and community support
» Accept credit cards instantly with Strips
» Over 500,000 businesses powered by Shopify
» Unlimited bandwidth, products, and sells data
» Responsive website design for all platforms
» Save money with discounted shipping rates
» Third party application integrations if needed
» 14 day free software trial before payment
» Ability to build custom solutions through API

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: Shopify uses Stripe as there default credit card processor if you do not want to manage your own processor. Rates using their default processer Stripe start on the basic plan at 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction for online sells and 2.7% + 0¢ per transaction for in person sells. Processing rates do go down as you go up in their hosting plan options. If you want to use your own credit card processor, most are able to integrate with Shopify although you may need to connect through a third party platform like This is easy to do, however there is an additional processing cost on transactions when going with your own credit card processor.

INTEGRATIONS: The Shopify platform as a whole offers about everything a restaurant or bar would need to get into an eCommerce website setup and begin selling online or outside of your establishment. However there might be a feature that you want or need that Shopify doesn't offer. Problem? Not at all. Since Shopify is the largest eCommerce hosting platform on the market today, there is a huge number of available third party applications that can easily be integrated directly into your account. Some applications are provided for free and others may require a small monthly charge (most paid third party applications seem to run in the $2-$5 per month range). This allows you to add any feature you really could need into your website at pretty reasonable costs.

OVERALL: If you are looking to bring your restaurant or bar into the online eCommerce world, you really can't go wrong with choosing to use Shopify. In terms of use it is about as easy as hosting platforms come and if you do need help their support team is top notch. The basic hosting plan on Shopify includes pretty sales and website visitor reporting that helps you to really understand where your customers come from and how they interact with your website. However for more extensive reporting, you can upgrade to one of their bigger plans at anytime. Shopify is a monthly subscription service, so that means no contracts and you don't have to pay annually which is a great feature. You simply pay month-to-month and you can cancel anytime you want. Plus with the free 14 day trial you can get started with no cost at all. The Bar Cop website is ran on the Shopify platform, so we not only like it... we use it.

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