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TouchBistro is one of the largest IPad software applications built specifically for use in restaurant, cafes, bars, nightclubs, and virtually any other hospitality industry establishment. Boasting customers in over 35 countries, TouchBistro has really made a name for themselves as a top-notch POS software provider in a very crowded marketplace. TouchBistro is an elegant software application that will definitely help your restaurant, nightclub, or bar run smooth. The interface is clean and functions nicely, without any real negatives in the design and layout. There is no limit to the number of users or management that can be logged in whether you have one or 10 stations which is a nice feature. It has virtually every feature your business should need, however still offers a few third party integrations that we will go over more below. 24/7 phone, email, and remote support is included in each plan, so there are no additional support costs which is great. You also get on-going free updates as long as you are a customer. Since TouchBistro is built to run on the IPad, hardware costs can add up so factor that into your decision before buying. The usability, reliability, and scalability, make TouchBistro hard to beat before factoring in the cost.

» IPad POS software with cloud database
» 24/7 phone, email, remote support included
» Unlimited users (staff and management)
» Free and easy software application updates
» Integrated remote aid and daily data backups
» Tableside ordering for better staff efficiancy
» Modifiers, floor layout, detailed visual menu
» Back-office inventory and order management
» Application runs with or without the internet
» Manager control over employee permissions

PRICING: If you are a small establishment and only need one or two workstations, then TouchBistro pricing is very reasonable starting at $69 a month for one station and $129 a month for two stations. If your restaurant, bar, or nightclub needs more than 2 stations pricing does start to add up and tops off at $399 a month for an unlimited number of stations. TouchBistro's pricing does state that plans are billed annually even though cost is broken down to a monthly price, so this might be an issue for those looking to pay each month instead of yearly.

Starting From: $69.00 per month / billed anually
Pricing Model: Subscription (cloud based software / fully hosted)
Free Trial: Available (no credit card required)
Contracts: No contracts (cancel subscription at anytime)
Support: 24/7 support is included with all pricing plans

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: TouchBistro has a fairly large list of credit card processors than can easily be integrated into the application. These include the major merchant accounts for US customers and also some international merchant accounts for their users in other countries. If you are looking to use TouchBistro and process credit cards outside of the United States, then you have some options with iZettle, Tyro, and PayPal. If we have reviewed one of the merchant accounts that integrate with TouchBistro, you can click the link to read our review.

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INTEGRATIONS: TouchBistro is a well-rounded software and we couldn't find many features lacking that a restaurant, nightclub, or bar would need, however they do offer some third party integrations that you might find you want. TouchBistro integrates with Shogo, which then connects either QuickBooks or Xero accounting software to the application. It's nice that another option from QuickBooks is offered to help with your accounting, however we don't really like that fact that you need Shogo to integrate QuickBooks and Xero, as that's just another added monthly cost. Other integrations include 7shifts for better employee scheduling, Avero restaurant analytics software that provides you valuable insights for better decision making, and Sculpture Hospitality for precise bar inventory control.

OVERALL: We were impressed with almost everything about TouchBistro. TouchBistro is well-thought-out and a robust application built specifically for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. In terms of ease of use and dependability it is one of the best options on the market in the IPad system category. It is feature packed and priced right for locations with only a few stations, however can get pricey the more stations you need. If you have the budget then we highly recommend TouchBistro, but don't just take our word for it. Get in touch with them and take the free trial for a test drive and see if it's right for your establishment.

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TouchBistro POS System Review
TouchBistro Review