Bar Inventory Management Software App for bars and restaurants

Bar software for better inventory management.

Restaurants and bars deal with the same frustrating inventory management issues. Counting stock takes too long and hard to get accurate, placing orders is a headache, bartenders steal.

Our bar software app solves these problems and more with simpler food, wine, beer, and liquor inventory control.

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What will Bar Cop do for my bar?
Streamline and simplify your entire inventory process.
Manage bar inventory product waste Pinpoint & stop product waste.
Take bar inventory accurately Weigh inventory for accuracy.
Reduce bar inventory labor cost Reduce inventory labor costs.
Stop bartenders from stealing Stop employees from stealing.
Improve your bar's cash flow Improve your overall cash flow.
Inventory liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, food. Save unlimited historical data.
Control beverage and food cost Control beverage & food costs.
Take bar inventory faster Finish your bar inventory faster.
Reach greater profit margins Optimize prices for bigger profit.
Manage bar inventory ordering Place your vendor orders easier.
bar inventory usage reports and metrics Build data-driven usage reports.
bar inventory hands free data entry Easy hands-free inventory entry.
We've helped 1000's of bars just like yours since '98.
liquor inventory app for bars and restaurants
bar inventory management software for taverns and hotels
bar inventory app for better liquor, beer, wine, and food management
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More than a typical bar inventory app.
Meet the data-driven inventory platform that makes your bar more profitable.
bar inventory management software
Inventory Control
Take accurate inventory, faster.

Weigh a liquor bottle every 2 seconds using a USB scale to transfer weights automatically into Bar Cop or simply by entering data using your voice.

Custom setup your stockrooms and inventory locations in Bar Cop to match exactly how your liquor, wine, beer, and food products are placed on shelves.

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Order Management
Make placing orders, simpler.

Order management takes away all of the guesswork and headaches when placing your vendor orders, creating optimized product orders in seconds.

Bar Cop calculates dynamic par levels each inventory period, so you always order the perfect amount of stock improving your cash flow.

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bar software to stop bartenders from stealing
Theft Prevention
Catch bartender theft, easier.

Compare your actual sales to what should have been rang into the register based on true product usage, so you can easily detect theft.

Shift check your bartenders at any time to weed out any dishonest employees and keep your profits going into the register where they belong.

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Price Optimizing
Maximize your profits, better.

Find that selling price sweet spot for each product and squeeze out every cent of potential profit while hitting your target cost percentages.

Price out your mixed drinks and serving sizes correctly for accurate inventory tracking and to help efficiently manage your beverage and food costs.

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liquor inventory management app
Usage Data Reports
Make smarter decisions, quicker.

Bar Cop breaks down each product's usage data into easy to understand reports, giving you the information needed to make focused business decisions.

Know exact inventory costs and retail values, learn what products are trending and which ones are hurting cash flow, track historical usage data, and more.

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Free product setup* to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.
Inventory your liquor, wine, bottle beer, keg beer, non-alcohol, and food.
Take inventory daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly... as often as you want.
No more taking inventory using the old clipboard, paper, and pencil.
Cut the hours you spend taking inventory down to a fraction of the time.
Weigh your liquor, wine, and draft beer kegs for accurate data (or point count).
Recover $1000's in lost profits due to theft, over-pouring, and free give-aways.
Learn how to use Bar Cop in 15 minutes with our help guides and videos.
Intuitive software interface makes managing your inventory a simple process.
Ou dedicated customer success team is available to you seven days a week.
Developed for the hospitality industry by hospitality people. Get started in minutes.
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