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Bar liquor inventory management system

Bar software for simple inventory management.

Neighborhood taverns, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, and sports bars around the world use Bar Cop to stop inventory madness and significantly improve how they control their beverage and food. Start using Bar Cop for free...

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Bar inventory software for restaurants and bars

Helping restaurants and bars profit more since 1998.

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" We couldn't be happier with Bar Cop. The software is easy to use and really shortened the time we spend on inventory, plus the support guys have always been fantastic. "

- Ryan / GM, Brickhouse Bar
" Within the first month of using Bar Cop our bar sales jumped about 12% after catching some employees that were stealing. If you care about stopping theft, you need this. "

- Jacob / Bar Manager, The Horseshoe
" We have been using Bar Cop at our bar for about 3 years and LOVE it! It has truly saved us more time and money than we could have imagined. We love the accuracy it has brought to tracking inventory. Thanks so much for the great program! Well Done! "

- Ashley / Management, The Castle Pub
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The bar management system you'll want to keep using.

Fast, accurate, data-driven inventory management software that helps your establishment reach greater profitability. Bar Cop radically changes the way you do bar inventory, reducing costs and recovering revenue.

Bar Cop Software Accurate Weighing

Accurate data

Weigh your inventory and automatically transfer weights with a USB scale or use voice command to enter data.

Bar Cop Software Control Costs

Control costs

Get control of beverage and food costs by finding where waste is happening so you can stop those product losses.

Bar Cop Software Optimze Pricing

Optimize pricing

The built-in pricing features will cost out perfect product prices, profit margins, and optimal cost percentages.

Bar Cop Software Easy Ordering

Perfect orders

Order management makes placing vendor orders a breeze with dynamic pars and instant order creation.

Bar Cop Software Analytical Reports

Actionable insights

Analytical reports are calculated each inventory period that help you make smarter inventory decisions.

Bar Cop Software Catch Theft

Analyze losses

Compare your register sales with the theoretical sales and find out how much profit is being lost to bartender theft.

Bar Cop Software Success Team

Beyond support

We don't stop at basic support, your support team helps you understand inventory data and how to use it.

Bar Cop Software Free Setup

Simple setup

Export product data from your POS and enter it in a few clicks, or support can help setup Bar Cop for you.

Bar Cop Software Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive design

Powered by Excel, data is organized and output into simple spreadsheet grid formats you're already familiar with.

Save big with Bar Cop.

Why pay monthly subscription fees that never end to manage your inventory? If you ever stop paying, you lose access to everything. Bar Cop is different. Our all-inclusive bar software with a one-time payment for lifetime access saves you thousands. See how we compare...
Bar Cop Inventory Management Software

Bar Cop

$599 one-time payment / use it forever

● Inventory everything

● Weigh bottles / kegs

● Profit & loss analysis

● Analytical reporting

● Order management

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Bar Cop Software


$249/monthly or $1980 paid annually


$249/monthly or $2388 paid annually


$120+/monthly or $1440+ paid annually


$149/monthly or $1788 paid annually

*Listed prices at time of comparison

Grow your revenue with better bar inventory management.

Managing your bar inventory doesn't have to be so challenging. Most issues are caused by inaccurate data. When your data isn't right, bad business decisions are made and theft goes undetected. Most liquor inventory apps lack accuracy and make things worse. Bar Cop is different... super-fast and accurate, while saving you money, time, and your sanity.

What type of products can I track in Bar Cop?

You can inventory just about anything. Bar Cop is has 6 main inventory categories: liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, non-alcohol, and food. The non-alcohol category can be used to track merchandise you sell like t-shirts, hats, and items like cigarettes. Inventory locations can be setup in each main category to easily keep your stock tracked exactly like it is shelved in your establishment.

Can I weigh my liquor, wine, and draft beer?

Absolutely! You can weigh your liquor bottles, wine bottles, and draft beer kegs. All you need are the scales. You can use a USB inventory scale to weigh liquor and wine bottle to automatically transfer weights into Bar Cop or optionally any regular scale that has an ounce only setting. If using a regular scale, weights can be entered into Bar Cop either by voice command or manually typing. If you want to use a specific scale, contact us with scale model and we'll let you know if it will work.

Can I use a Bluetooth scale to transfer data?

No, we do not use Bluetooth scales for two main reasons: reliability and long-term accuracy. If you look at inventory software options on the market that use a Bluetooth scale, you will see that they use a kitchen scale made by the company Escali. This scale comes with some problems. Reliability - Electromagnetic disturbances (radios, microwaves, cellphones, etc.) can interfare with the scale display, potentially causing issues when you are taking inventory. The bigger problem is long-term accuracy because this scale cannot be recalibrated. You need to recalibrate any scale you use on a regular basis to ensure accuracy. Why bother weighing if the scale you use can be inaccurate? If you want to transfer weight data automatically, using a USB liquor scale is the only reliable and accurate way.

How often can I count my physical inventory?

You can inventory daily, weekly, monthly... as often as you want to. A typical inventory period would be Monday - Sunday, or taking inventory once a week. The built-in shift check feature, let's you take random inventories of select products anytime that you want to during a normal week or longer inventory period. Shift checks help keep bartenders honest because they never know when you might be taking one.

Can I use any currency or unit of measurement?

Yes! Bar Cop comes setup standard to use the US dollar and track in ounces. However, any currency and unit of measurement can be used. In the software, enter your currency where the dollar is requested and enter your unit of measurement where ounces are entered. *Note: The dollar sign cannot be changed, so it will still show infront of the currency you use.

What are the requirements to use the software?

All you need is a laptop or large tablet with Microsoft Excel 2013 or later installed (Excel for Apple not supported). Bar Cop runs directly on your computer so no internet connection is needed while using it. If you will be weighing, you will also need inventory weigh scales.

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