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Pouring Profits - Master Bar Inventory Management.

Pouring Profits

A comprehensive bar inventory management guide, exploring the essential pillars of success from standardized procedures to cutting-edge technology adoption, with insightful case studies and actionable strategies to optimize operations and mitigate risks.

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Happy Hour Mastery - The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Bar Profits.

Happy Hour Mastery

Explore the significance of happy hour and it's pivotal role in bar profitability. From crafting enticing menus to strategic timing, get actionable insights to maximize happy hour success through innovative happy hour marketing in the hospitality landscape.

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No More Losses - Effective Strategies for Preventing theft in Restaurants and Bars.

No More Losses!

In the hospitality industry, theft impacts establishments both financially and operationally. No More Losses delves into the issue of theft in restaurants and bars, outlining common practices and vulnerabilities while offering practical solutions to stop theft.

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Restaurant Rescue - Strategies for Success in the Hospitality Industry.

Restaurant Rescue

Roadmap to overcome challenges and revitalize your establishment. From identifying warning signs and crafting winning menus to fostering community engagement and leveraging case studies, this guide equips you with actionable strategies for long-term success.

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" We've been using Bar Cop's inventory software for over 10 years. It has worked flawlessly and does exactly what you would expect it and want it to do... drive revenue and reduce COGS. "

- Mr. Bonbright / Owner, Casa Verde Hotel

Grow your bar revenue faster with our free bar inventory management software.

Managing your bar inventory doesn't have to be so challenging. Most issues are caused by inaccurate data. When your data isn't right, bad business decisions are made and theft goes undetected. Bar Cop's free inventory software fixes that, while saving you time and money.

Is the Bar Cop inventory software really free?

Absolutely! Bar Cop inventory management software comes free with any one of our guide downloads. So to get the software, just search our restaurant and bar how-to guides and when you find the one you need... purchase it and the Bar Cop inventory software will come along with the guide to download and use for free. Checkout all of the features of Bar Cop software and get better inventory management today.

What is the Bar Cop inventory software?

Bar Cop is inventory management software developed specifically for bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. It gives you complete inventory tracking capabilities for liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, food, and miscellaneous products. Whether you are a small local cafe or full scale restaurant, Bar Cop makes your inventory and ordering process easy.

You can take inventory daily, weekly, monthly, or any other chosen inventory period. You will learn how much profit is really being lost due to theft, over-pouring, and drinks being given away for free.  Bar Cop creates dynamic par levels and orders automatically, ensuring the correct amount of product is always ordered to help manage your cash flow efficiently.

What type of products can I track in Bar Cop?

You can inventory just about anything. Bar Cop has 6 main inventory categories: liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, food, and miscellaneous. The miscellaneous category can be used to track merchandise you sell like t-shirts, hats, and items like cigarettes. Inventory locations can be setup in each category to inventory your products in the exact order they are arranged on the shelves.

Is Bar Cop a phone app or online application?

Bar Cop is neither. Think of Bar Cop as an Excel application on steroids. Bar Cop downloads to your computer and uses Excel to power its core functionality, so if you have used Excel -  you can learn how to use Bar Cop in about 30 minutes. Inventory can be complicated, but the software you use shouldn't be.

What are the requirements to use Bar Cop software?

No expensive handhelds, scanners, or other complicated devices are necessary. A laptop, large tablet, or any computer with a PC version of Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer installed is all that you need. Bar Cop is optimized for a screen resolution of 1920x1080, however will work on screen resolutions of 1360x768 and higher. No internet connection needed to use Bar Cop (except to access online help documentation). If you want to enter data using voice command then you will need a headset and MS speech recognition (it's free) installed on your computer. If you want to weigh your liquor, wine, and draft beer products, you may need Keyboard Wedge software and a compatible scale. 

*Bar Cop is not compatible with the Apple version of Excel. To use Bar Cop on an Apple computer, you will need to install Windows PC Excel 2013 or later and run it on Mac Boot Camp or Parallels.

Is support included with the inventory software?

Direct support is not included with the free software... well because it's free. We do have a comprehensive online help documentation that walks you through the program and shows you exactly how to use it. However, if you are really stuck and don't find a solution in the help documenation, then you can purchase an optional 30 day support plan.

Is Bar Cop complicated to learn and use?

Not at all. You can learn how to use Bar Cop in about 30 minutes by checking out our in-depth help documentation.

How often can I take my physical inventory?

You can inventory daily, weekly, monthly... as often as you want to. A typical inventory period would be Monday - Sunday, or taking inventory once a week. The built-in shift check feature, let's you take random inventories of select products anytime that you want to during a normal week or longer inventory period. Shift checks help keep bartenders honest because they never know when you might be taking one.

How long will it take me to setup Bar Cop?

If you can export your product data from your POS system into an Excel sheet, you can use Bar Cop's built-in paste feature to insert most of your product information into Bar Cop in just a few minutes. Once your products are setup, you can customize your inventory locations and other sections of Bar Cop to match your establishment in about an hour.

My POS tracks items, why do I need Bar Cop?

There are two types of inventory tracking, basic and theft prevention. Most POS systems have some type of basic inventory tracking built-in. The problem with POS inventory, is that the results are based on what is actually rang into the register. If a bartender rings up a bottle of beer, that bottle is subtracted from the inventory count. If they ring up a shot of liquor, that shot is subtracted from the inventory count.

See the problem? If your employees are stealing, the products they steal are not being rang into the register, so your POS system has no idea that theft is happening. Bar Cop is different, tracking your inventory by what is actually poured or served, not what is being rang into the register. If a bartender serves a shot of liquor and doesn't ring it into the register, your POS system won't track that shot. Bar Cop tracks all used product, rang into a register or not, finding theft so you can end it.

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