Bar Cop is the leading inventory control + theft prevention software application for bars and restaurants since 1998.

Bar software for smarter inventory management.

Neighborhood taverns, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs from around the world use our bar inventory software to stop inventory madness and significantly improve how they control their alcohol and food. Is counting your inventory taking too long, profits not matching up with sales, pour costs running too high, having cash flow problems, bartenders stealing your profits? Bar Cop helps solve these issues with simpler inventory management.

  How Bar Cop Works    
Bar inventory software for restaurants and bars

The bar inventory management system that you will actually keep using.

Fast, accurate, data-driven inventory management software that helps your establishment reach greater profitability. Bar Cop radically changes the way you do bar inventory, reducing costs and recovering revenue.

Bar Cop Software Accurate Weighing

Accurate data

Weigh your inventory and automatically transfer weights with a USB scale or use voice command to enter data.

Bar Cop Software Control Costs

Control costs

Get control of beverage and food costs by finding where waste is happening so you can stop those product losses.

Bar Cop Software Optimze Pricing

Optimize pricing

The built-in pricing features will cost out perfect product prices, profit margins, and optimal cost percentages.

Bar Cop Software Easy Ordering

Perfect orders

Order management makes placing vendor orders a breeze with dynamic pars and instant order creation.

Bar Cop Software Analytical Reports

Actionable insights

Analytical reports are calculated each inventory period that help you make smarter inventory decisions.

Bar Cop Software Catch Theft

Analyze losses

Compare your register sales with the theoretical sales and find out how much profit is being lost to bartender theft.

Bar Cop Software Success Team

Expert Support

Your support team helps you understand inventory data and how to use it. *Current support plan is required.

Bar Cop Software Free Setup

Exporting data

Simplify accounting by exporting any inventory or report data to Excel or in PDF format with the click of a button.

Bar Cop Software Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive design

Powered by Excel, data is organized and output into simple spreadsheet grid formats you're already familiar with.

Helping restaurants and bars just like yours make more profit since 1998.

Trusted by 1000's of hospitality establishments...
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" We couldn't be happier with Bar Cop. The software is easy to use and really shortened the time we spend on inventory, plus the support guys have always been fantastic. "

- Ryan / GM, Brickhouse Bar
" Within the first month of using Bar Cop our bar sales jumped about 12% after catching some employees that were stealing. If you care about stopping theft, you need this. "

- Jacob / Bar Manager, The Horseshoe
" We have been using Bar Cop at our bar for about 3 years and LOVE it! It has truly saved us more time and money than we could have imagined. We love the accuracy it has brought to tracking inventory. Thanks so much for the great program! Well Done! "

- Ashley / Management, The Castle Pub

Grow your revenue faster with a better bar inventory management system.

Managing your bar inventory doesn't have to be so challenging. Most issues are caused by inaccurate data. When your data isn't right, bad business decisions are made and theft goes undetected. Most liquor inventory apps lack accuracy and make things worse. Bar Cop is different... super-fast and accurate, while saving you money, time, and your sanity.

Who is Bar Cop?

We're a team of dedicated people giving bar owners and managers the inventory solutions needed to profit more. Bar Cop started in 1998 and recently celebrated our 20 year milestone helping bars control inventory better... learn more.

What is the Bar Cop software?

Bar Cop is inventory management software developed specifically for bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. It gives you complete inventory tracking capabilities for liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, food, and miscellaneous products. Whether you are a small local cafe or full scale restaurant, Bar Cop makes your inventory and ordering process easy.

You can take inventory daily, weekly, monthly, or any other chosen inventory period. You will learn how much profit is really being lost due to theft, over-pouring, and drinks being given away for free.  Bar Cop creates dynamic par levels and orders automatically, ensuring the correct amount of product is always ordered to help manage your cash flow efficiently.

What type of products can I track in Bar Cop?

You can inventory just about anything. Bar Cop is has 6 main inventory categories: liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, food, and miscellaneous. The miscellaneous category can be used to track merchandise you sell like t-shirts, hats, and items like cigarettes. Inventory locations can be setup in each main category to easily keep your stock tracked exactly like it is shelved in your establishment.

Is Bar Cop a phone app or online application?

Bar Cop is neither. Think of Bar Cop as an Excel application on steroids. Bar Cop downloads to your computer and uses Excel to power its core functionality, so if you have used Excel -  you can learn how to use Bar Cop in about 15 minutes. Inventory can be complicated, but the software you use shouldn't be.

What are the requirements to use Bar Cop software?

No expensive handhelds, scanners, or other complicated devices are necessary. A laptop, large tablet, or any computer with Microsoft Excel 2013 or later installed is all that you need. No internet connection needed to use Bar Cop (except to access online help documentation). If you want to enter data using voice command then you will need a headset and MS speech recognition (it's free) installed on your computer. If you want to weigh your liquor, wine, and draft beer products, you will need an inventory weigh scale.  *Bar Cop is not compatible with Excel for Apple.

Is my private business data stored in the cloud?

No, Bar Cop does not store any of your business data in the cloud. When using Bar Cop all of your data is stored directly on your personal computer in Excel files. Although we like cloud technology and think it's great for certain things, we are against storing your personal business data there.

While most inventory apps are using the cloud to store sensitive business data, we do not want to have your data stored on remote servers that can be accessed and taken without your permission in data breaches and especially tax audits.

Do you offer support?

Yes, you will have a dedicated customer success team available 7 days a week to answer any questions or help with any problems that you are having. *Current support plan required.

How much does Bar Cop cost?

Bar Cop is different from the other guys. We don't charge you every month to access the software (you know trap you so that if you ever stop paying those monthly fees - you lose access to all of your inventory data). With Bar Cop, there is only a one-time payment to purchase a software license and then Bar Cop is downloaded right onto your computer.

Is Bar Cop complicated to learn?

Not at all. You can learn the basics of Bar Cop in about 15 minutes by checking out our in-depth help docs with videos.

How often can I take my physical inventory?

You can inventory daily, weekly, monthly... as often as you want to. A typical inventory period would be Monday - Sunday, or taking inventory once a week. The built-in shift check feature, let's you take random inventories of select products anytime that you want to during a normal week or longer inventory period. Shift checks help keep bartenders honest because they never know when you might be taking one.

How long will it take me to setup Bar Cop?

If you can export your product data from your POS system into an Excel sheet, you can use Bar Cop's built-in paste feature to insert most of your product information into Bar Cop in just a few minutes. Once your products are setup, you can customize your inventory locations and other sections of Bar Cop to match your establishment in about an hour.

My POS inventory, why do I need Bar Cop?

There are two types of inventory tracking, basic and theft prevention. Most POS systems have some type of basic inventory tracking built-in. The problem with POS inventory, is that the results are based on what is actually rang into the register. If a bartender rings up a bottle of beer, that bottle is subtracted from the inventory count. If they ring up a shot of liquor, that shot is subtracted from the inventory count.

See the problem? If your employees are stealing, the products they steal are not being rang into the register, so your POS system has no idea that theft is happening. Bar Cop is different, tracking your inventory by what is actually poured or served, not what is being rang into the register. If a bartender serves a shot of liquor and doesn't ring it into the register, your POS system won't track that shot. Bar Cop not only tracks that stolen shot, it finds theft so you can end it.

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  How Bar Cop Works