Bar management software so simple you'll want to use it.

Whether you run a small bar, a full-scale restaurant, or nightclub, Bar Cop will simplify your inventory process.

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Bar inventory software with all of the features you need to track every serving of alcohol and food, simplify and automate your ordering process, and help put an end to employee theft.
Bar Cop - Automated Inventory Orders
Automated Orders

Each vendor order is calculated for you with dynamically changing par levels and instant order creation - making placing orders fast and hassle free.

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Bar Cop - Automated Inventory Orders
Extensive Reports

Bar Cop breaks down every aspect of your product usage, from top sellers to potential excess stock, and informs you about possible theft problems.

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Bar Cop - Automated Inventory Orders
Precise Inventory

Weigh or optionally point count products, keep on top of your purchases, and know that every drop of alcohol poured is being tracked & accounted for.

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Bar Cop - Automated Inventory Orders
Voice Data Entry

Make counting your inventory so easy, you actually won't mind doing it. Fast, simple, and accurate data entry using your voice with voice command.

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Bar Cop - Automated Inventory Orders
Optimal Pricing

Are you charging the right prices? Calculate sell prices to target perfect profit margins and cost percent. We won't let you leave profit on the table.

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Bar Cop - Automated Inventory Orders
Easy Customizing

Setup the bar locations and stockrooms in Bar Cop to match your establishment's product layout, making the inventory process super fast.

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We make taking inventory easy.

Bar Cop simplifies the way you take and enter your inventory data. Fast, accurate, and efficiently easy... data entry using your voice.

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Who is Bar Cop?

Bar Cop specializes in inventory management software for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Our inventory software streamlines data entry and product ordering, while helping you stop theft. You can learn more about us and how we strive to help bar and restaurant owners control inventory in a fast, efficient, and affordable way. Learn more about the software features or try Bar Cop free.

Is this a phone app?

Bar Cop is much more than the typical app that takes inventory by estimating how much product is left in a bottle. Bar Cop uses Excel as the backbone to drive precise inventory data in a logical and organized manner. The unique aspect of Bar Cop is that you are not limited to taking inventory a specific way, with Bar Cop you can inventory by weighing bottles and kegs to ensure complete accuracy or point count those products that are not used very often. You can enter your data by voice command, or transferring data via a USB scale, or simply by typing. You can take inventory as often as you want, whether that's daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. Bar Cop gives you the freedom to inventory your way.

What equipment do I need to use Bar Cop?

All you need is a computer (a laptop or large tablet is recommended) with a Windows operating systems and Excel 2007 or later installed. If you want to enter inventory by voice command and/or weigh your products, you will also need a headset and/or weigh scales for bottles and kegs.

Do you store my private data in the cloud?

No, we do not store any of your private business data in the cloud. When using Bar Cop all of your data is stored directly on your personal computer in Excel files and can be backed up to external memory at any time. Although we like cloud technology and think it's great for certain things, we are currently against moving to cloud storage for our software and customers. While most inventory apps are using the cloud to store customer data, we do not want to go down the road of taking our customer's private sales and usage data and having it stored on remote servers where that information can be accessed or taken without Bar Cop's or our customer's knowledge in situations like data breaches, tax audits, etc.

What is voice command data entry?

With Microsoft's free speech recognition software and a headset, you can enter your inventory data by simply talking. Whether you decide to inventory by weighing products or point counting, entering inventory data on the fly as you go is as simple as counting to 10. There is not a faster or more accurate way to take inventory than weighing and entering data by using your voice.

Are features limited in the trial version?

There are no limitations when using the trial version. You can try the full version of Bar Cop for free. We give you plenty of time to setup the program and to go through 3 or 4 weekly inventory periods to learn how it functions and really see if it's right for your business. At the end of your trial period, you can get a regular subscription plan to continue to use Bar Cop.

Is support included?

Absolutely! Bar Cop has a complete tutorial section with videos that walk you through the software, and if you ever need additional help, don't hesitate to contact our support department. If you have an older version of Bar Cop, please reference your support plan.