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Restaurants and bars all face the same frustrating issues. Inventory takes too long, getting vendor orders together is a headache, bartenders stealing. Our bar software app solves these problems with better wine, beer, and liquor inventory management. Bar Cop makes your job easier.

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Bar Cop - Enter Inventory Data using Your Voice
Voice command

Are you tired of writing down, typing in, swiping screens... and all the other finger numbing ways to enter liquor inventory app data? Enter stock counts into our bar management software using your voice. It's fast and easy liquor, wine, beer, and restaurant food data entry by talking.

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Bar Cop - Product Usage and Variance Reports for theft
Product usage

Our bar inventory app breaks down your liquor, wine, beer, and food usage into organized reports for each inventory. This lets you dig deep into your beverage and food usage numbers to find out how much profit you're really losing to carelessness and employees stealing.

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After the first month using Bar Cop our liquor sales jumped about 12% without a noticeable increase in customers and two bartenders quit. Coincidence, I doubt it. If you're worried about theft you need this.

Jacob / Manager - The Horseshoe
Bar Cop - Automated Inventory Orders
Automatic Orders

Let's be honest, getting product par levels correct and putting together orders for your restaurant or beverage stock can be a pain. Focus on more important things, while our bar management software creates your vendor orders for you automatically each week.

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Bar Cop - Product price management software
Price Optimizing

Getting product sell prices optimized correctly is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of great bar inventory management. To maximize profit and hit target pour costs, your products and mixes need to be calculated out. Our bar inventory app makes this easy to do.

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We couldn't be happier with Bar Cop. The software has been simple to use and really shortened the time we spend taking inventory from how we used to do it plus the support team has been fantastic.

Ryan / GM - Brickhouse Bar
Bar Cop - Customize bar inventory software
Product organizing

Bar inventory can be a nightmare, taking too many hours to complete. Our liquor inventory software streamlines the process with exact stockroom, inventory location, and product layout organization. This is bar and restaurant inventory management done the fast and right way.

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Nightclub inventory software
Theft detection

Learn how much profit you are losing to bartender theft, over-pouring, and giveaways. Compare your register sales to theoretical sales (or what your retail sales should have been based on actual usage). Our liquor inventory app makes spotting theft easy.

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Restaurant and bar inventory management software

Food and beverage inventory management doesn't have to be challenging. The majority of issues restaurants and bars face trying to control their inventory efficiently start with data and time. When the data isn't accurate - well that's when things get complicated. This results in ordering headaches, losing profit to theft, and a lot of extra work to get things right.

Most liquor inventory apps on the market can fix the time issue, but are lacking on accuracy. If you eye-ball (aka "weightless" or tenth) your liquor, wine and draft beer - a bartender knows they can steal without getting caught. This turns small theft problems into big ones. And big theft problems can close businesses.

Bar Cop is different. Our bar management software combines all of the tools you need to take inventory fast and accurate - saving you time, money, and headaches.

Want to know how Bar Cop can help you? Check out how Bar Cop works and if you have questions - we're here.

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Common Questions
What type of bar management software is Bar Cop?

It's not your typical liquor inventory app. Bar Cop uses Excel to power its backend calculations and to organize data in an easy to understand format. If you have used spreadsheets before - you can learn how to use Bar Cop in a few minutes. Inventory can be complicated, but the software you use shouldn't be. You will need Excel (2013 or later) installed on your computer to inventory your beverage and food.

Can I try Bar Cop out for free?

Absolutely! You can download a free 14 day demo that already has products setup so you can quickly play around with the features. When you're ready to setup your own products and start using Bar Cop in your establishment to take inventories, you can get our starter plan that gives you 30 days for free.

What are the bar software requirements?

No expensive handhelds, scanners, or other complicated devices needed. A laptop, large tablet, or any computer with Excel 2013 or later installed is all that you need. If you want to enter data using voice command then you will need a headset and MS speech recognition (it's free) installed on your computer. If you will be weighing products, you will need a scale.  *Bar Cop is not compatible with Excel for Apple.

Is my business data stored in the cloud?

No, Bar Cop does not store any of your usage data in the cloud. When using Bar Cop all of your data is stored directly on your personal computer in Excel spreadsheet files. Although we like cloud technology and think it's great for certain things, we are against storing your data there.

While most inventory apps are using the cloud to store sensitive usage data, we do not want to have your data stored on remote servers that can be accessed and taken without your permission in data breaches and especially tax audits. If you are looking at inventory software that stores your business data in the cloud, we recommend doing some research first. The McAfee cloud data study is a good place to start.

What items can I track with the bar inventory app?

You can track products in any of these six main categories: liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, non-alcohol, and food. You can basically inventory any type of product that you want to.

Can I weigh liquor, wine, and draft beer?

Yes! Bar Cop was designed to make weighing your products as easy as possible. You can use one of our weigh scales or you can use your own. There are different types of scales that you can use, so if you are not sure what's the best option for you, get in touch with us and we'd be happy to help you. You can optionally point count products too.

Does Bar Cop track by drink recipes?

No, a misconception is that you have to track your liquor by drink recipes. The truth is it's not the best way to track inventory even though it is commonly used as a selling point by some companies.

Why isn't it an accurate way to track inventory? Theoretically for it to work, you would have to have every recipe of every drink entered in your inventory software and also your POS system. If you managed to accomplish that, then you would have to rely on your bartenders to hit the correct drink key, every time. With potentially 1,000's of drink variations now in your POS - that just isn't going to happen.

The reality is most POS systems have a button for each of their liquor types with up charges for the more expensive brands and possibly some specialty drink keys - making it impossible to track by drink recipes without a complete POS revision. The fact is, as long as your mixed drinks are cost out correctly (mixed drink prices should be calculated using a standard shot size/price for each liquor poured in the drink) and your bartenders charge the correct price (not always hit the correct drink key) then your liquor will always be tracked accurately by comparing total sales versus total usage. Let Bar Cop help you cost out your drinks correctly and track your inventory efficiently.

My POS has inventory tracking built-in, why do I need Bar Cop?

There are two types of inventory tracking, basic and theft prevention. Most POS systems have some type of basic inventory tracking built-in. The problem with POS inventory, is that the results are based on what is actually rang into the register. If a bartender rings up a bottle of beer, that bottle is subtracted from the inventory count. If they ring up a shot of liquor, that shot is subtracted from the inventory count.

See the problem? If your employees are stealing, the products they steal are not being rang into the register, so your POS system has no idea that theft is happening. Bar Cop is different - it tracks your inventory by what is actually poured or served, not what is being rang into the register. If a bartender serves a shot of liquor and doesn't ring it into the register, your POS system won't track that shot. Bar Cop not only tracks that stolen shot, it shows you in the usage data that you have a theft problem so you can put a stop to it.

Can I change the currency in Bar Cop?

The dollar sign cannot be changed, however any currency can be used. Just enter the numerical values for your currency any place that references entering dollars.

How often can I take inventory?

As often as you want to. A standard inventory period would be once a week, however you can do it daily, bi-weekly, or monthly if you want. You can also use the shift check feature to take random stock counts on liquor and wine before and after a shift. With a shift check, you can only inventory specific products and compare the usage of those products against what the bartender rang into the register.

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