Bar Inventory Management Software System and App for bars and restaurants

Bar software for simple inventory management.

Counting inventory taking too long, profits not matching up with sales, pour costs too high, cash flow problems, bartenders stealing?

Our bar app and inventory system solves these issues with smarter beverage control.

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Trusted by 1000's of bars since '98.
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This is Bar Cop.
The data-driven bar inventory management system that helps your establishment reach greater profitability.
No expensive handhelds, scanners, or other complicated devices required. A computer with Excel (and optional scale to weigh) is all you need.
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Bar management software with everything you need.
Increase profits, cut inventory time, and save labor costs. One low price, all app features included...
Bar Cop Software Accurate Weighing
Accurate data
Weigh your inventory and automatically transfer weights with a USB scale or use voice command to enter data.
Bar Cop Software Control Costs
Control costs
Get control of beverage and food costs by finding where waste is happening so you can stop those product losses.
Bar Cop Software Optimze Pricing
Optimize prices
The built-in pricing features will cost out perfect product prices, profit margins, and optimal cost percentages.
Bar Cop Software Easy Ordering
Perfect orders
Order management makes placing vendor orders a breeze with dynamic pars and two minute ordering.
Bar Cop Software Analytical Reports
Actionable insights
Analytical reports are calculated each inventory period that help you make smarter inventory decisions.
Bar Cop Software Catch Theft
Analyze profits
Compare your register sales with the theoretical sales and find out how much profit is being lost to bartender theft.
But wait... there's more!
Bar Cop Software Free Setup
Simple setup
Export product data from your POS and enter it in a few clicks, or we can help setup Bar Cop for you at no cost.
Bar Cop Software Free Support
Free support
If you ever have a question or need help, our support team is here for you seven days a week - 365 days.
Bar Cop Software Success Team
Success team
We don't stop at support, your success team makes sure you understand the inventory data and how to use it.
Bar Cop Software Save Time
Fast inventory
Inventory locations are arranged exactly how your products are shelved, drastically saving you on time.
Bar Cop Software Improve Cash Flow
Improve cash flow
Control your on-hand inventory better, freeing up cash while keeping less dead stock sitting on shelves.
Bar Cop Software Intuitive User Interface
Intuitive Design
Powered by Excel, data is organized and output into simple spreadsheet grid formats you're already familiar with.
Liquor inventory system for bars and restaurants
It's time to find your inventory happy place.

Managing your products doesn't have to be so challenging. Most inventory issues are caused by inaccurate numbers. If your data isn't right - bad inventory decisions get made and theft happens.

Most bar apps lack on accuracy and make things worse over time. Bar Cop is different. Our liquor management system takes inventory accurately while saving you time, money, and your sanity.

If you have any questions, we'd love to chat.

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