Bar Cop features

Control your inventory.
Bar Cop systematically breaks down all of your product data each inventory period. Liquor, wine, beer, and food are analyzed and neatly organized so you will always know what's going on with your inventory.
Learn profit potential.
Profit and loss shows you how employee theft and carelessness is really effecting your bottom-line revenue. Tracking inventory in Bar Cop is streamlined to keep you on top of your establishment's profit losses.
Inventory Control
Take accurate inventory, faster.

Weigh a liquor bottle every 2 seconds using a USB scale to transfer weights automatically into Bar Cop or enter data easily by speaking with voice command.

Custom setup your stockrooms and inventory locations in Bar Cop to match exactly how your liquor, wine, beer, and food products are placed on shelves.

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Order Management
Make placing orders, simpler.

Order management takes away all of the guesswork and headaches when placing your vendor orders, creating optimized product orders in seconds.

Bar Cop calculates dynamic par levels each inventory period, so you always order the perfect amount of stock improving your cash flow.

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Analytical Reports
Make inventory decisions, easier.

Bar Cop breaks down each product's usage data into easy to understand reports, giving you the information needed to make focused business decisions.

Know exact inventory costs and retail values, learn what products are trending and which ones are hurting cash flow, track historical usage data, and more.

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Price Optimization
Maximize your profits, better.

Find that selling price sweet spot for each product and squeeze out every cent of potential profit while hitting your target cost percentages.

Price out your mixed drinks and serving sizes correctly for accurate inventory tracking and to help efficiently manage your beverage and food costs.

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Theft Prevention
Catch bartender theft, quicker.

Compare your actual sales to what should have been rang into the register based on true product usage, so you can easily detect theft.

Shift check your bartenders at any time to weed out any dishonest employees and keep your profits going into the register where they belong.

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