Bar Cop is the leading inventory control + theft prevention software application for bars and restaurants since 1998.

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Expired support plan? No problem, you can get a new plan at anytime.

One month support plan is $49

One-time payment / 30 days of support

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Support plan questions

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What is the software support plan?

Purchased Bar Cop software comes with 1 year of support from the date of purchase. When your original support plan expires, you can get a new 30 day support plan any time in the future if you need inventory software help.

What does an active support plan include?

The software support plan includes unlimited email support (phone support if required) for the duration of the support plan period. Support entails answering any questions pertaining to using the software and helping fix software issues (software issues caused by user error that circumvents regular software functionality may not be covered). *Support does not include any software customization, updates, and/or upgrades.

Can I use the software without an active support plan?

Yes, the support plan does not effect your ability to use the Bar Cop software. You can use your purchased software for life.

What if I need support and my support plan has expired?

You will need to purchase a new one month support plan.

Does one support plan cover all my establishments?

Yes, an active support plan covers support for multiple establishments that you use Bar Cop software at.

Do you offer any type of discounts?

Discounts are not available on support plans.