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Insights on better inventory management and other hospitality stuff.

How to weigh liquor inventory in your bar.

There comes a time in every man or woman's life, when you have to choose to weigh or not to weigh your bar inventory. Ok, not everyone... but if you're a bar owner or manager, then it's a choice you will likely ponder one day. And since you're here reading this now, today - continue reading.

How to use a spreadsheet for your bar inventory.

What can I say - I guess I'm just an old dinosaur and always will be. I love the Internet and think it has propelled us leaps and bounds in the way we communicate, but when I think of managing bar inventory... I'll stick to using spreadsheets. Bar inventory spreadsheets are - continue reading.

Top 25 ways bartenders steal and how to stop them.

So you think all of your bartenders are honest, right? Hopefully they are, but if you feel like your register sales just aren't what they should be, then it's time to start looking a little harder at how those profits might be disappearing. It's not always just your bartenders that - continue reading.

5 simple steps to smarter bar inventory control.

To properly track, control, and overall manage your liquor, wine, and beer inventory, it takes a little time and 5 simple steps that any establishment can implement. If you follow these 5 steps for better inventory control, we can almost guarantee you will dramatically decrease - continue reading.

How restaurant inventory control software works.

In short, inventory control for restaurants is the management of your stock inventory to deter employee theft and to maintain proper stock levels. There are many ways an employee can steal from you including, pocketing cash after a sale, giving away free product - continue reading.

How to calculate beverage costs and manage inventory.

The food and drink is great, the service fabulous and your restaurant or bar is busier than ever - but are you still wondering why your bottom line profits aren't all that they should be? Alcohol sales (beverage sales) are an easy way to increase profitability because the costs - continue reading.

How to fix draft beer system issues for bigger profits.

Draft beer is a sensitive product and takes certain parameters to be just right in order to dispense properly: temperature, pressure, appropriate propellant, and a good draft system design are a start to the necessary requirements for proper dispensing. The easiest way to - continue reading.

Why shrinkage and pour costs effect bar inventory.

Keeping accurate control of your bars profits is affected due to the industries leading loss of revenue.... shrinkage. Bar and restaurant operations that do not practice proper bar inventory control procedures, leave themselves vulnerable to losing a large - continue reading.