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Since 1998, Bar Cop has helped 1000's of bar and restaurant owners stop theft and profit more.

Adding and deleting products

Adding and Deleting Products At times, you may need to add new products to your inventory or remove products. Products are always added and deleted from product set... more

Adding and Deleting Rows

Adding and Deleting Rows You will need to add product rows when you first setup Bar Cop with your master lists of products and in the future when you add new produc... more

Entering Data

Entering Data Bar Cop is setup so you can enter data in a number of different ways, making it easy to find the best solution for you. You can manually type in data,... more

Using Voice Command

Voice Command Data Entry Using voice command to enter data into Bar Cop by talking is easy. You only need two things: A headset with a noise cancelling microphone a... more

Opening Saved Files

Opening Saved Files Now that you have Bar Cop downloaded and have gone through the setup process, let's go over how Bar Cop functions every time you launch and open... more

Copy and Paste Data

Copy and Paste Data Bar Cop makes it simple for you to copy and paste data both inside the software and also paste data into Bar Cop from an outside source like an ... more

Changing Screen Size

Adjusting Screen Size Bar Cop comes set standard to fit the screen of a 15" laptop or tablet with the screen resolution set at 1366/1360 pixels wide. If you are usi... more

Printing Data

Printing Inventory Data Bar Cop makes it easy for you to print out any information that you want within the application. To do this, you will use the printer icon l... more