Bar Cop is the leading inventory control + theft prevention software application for bars and restaurants since 1998.

Getting started

Bar Cop is the inventory management software choice for 1000's of bars and restaurants around the world. Track your alcohol beverages and food, stop employee theft, recover revenue losses, and simplify your ordering process all in one place.

Bar Cop software setup

With Bar Cop you can:

● Inventory liquor, wine, beer, food... track anything.

● Take inventory daily, weekly, monthly... as often as you want.

● Place perfect vendor orders in just a few minutes.

● Manage your inventory easier, faster, smarter.

View the help docs to master Bar Cop in about 15 minutes. If you have any support questions - get in touch with us.

Things to know:

1) To run Bar Cop, you need a computer with Excel 2013 or later installed (not compatible with the Excel version for Apple). To use Bar Cop on an Apple computer, you need Windows Excel running on Bootcamp or Parallels.

2) You can weigh or point count your inventory. If weighing, you can use a USB weigh scale to transfer weights into Bar Cop or use a normal scale and enter data by using voice command. *You do not have to use our scales.

Have any questions? Contact us.