Manage your bar inventory easier, faster, smarter.

Watch the short demos below and become a Bar Cop pro in no time.

How analytical reports work.

Get the product data you need at the end of each inventory period to make better inventory decisions for your business.

How profit and loss catches theft.

Compare register sales to theoretical (what should have been rang into the register based on actual usage) and know your real profit losses.

How to get started quickly.

It's easy to paste data into Bar Cop from an exported POS file, use voice command to enter data by talking, or have us help you setup for free.

How to take inventory super fast.

Arrange products exactly as they are shelved in your establishment, then weigh a bottle every 2 seconds for the most accurate inventory possible.

How to use the basic features.

The intuitive interface and clean design keeps all of the basic features a quick click away, streamlining how you interact with the software.