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Bar Cop automatically creates your vendor orders.

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Order Management
Easy order management setup.

Manage all of your vendor orders in one location, to simplify the process and ensure that you are ordering the right amount of stock every time.

Setting up your vendors and distributors is a simple two-step process that only takes a few minutes, and then order management is ready.

  Manage vendors in one location
  Create accurate orders every time
  Never order too much stock again
liquor inventory ordering software
Dynamic Par Levels
Instantly create optimized orders.

Bar Cop automatically calculates par levels based on historical usage at the end of each inventory period, ensuring you always order the right amount of product.

With the built-in par multiplier you can quickly adjust par levels to compensate for slower or busy times of the year, improving your overall cash flow.

  Par levels dynamically change
  Adjust for slower or busier times
  Improve your business cash flow
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Create Vendor Orders
Orders placed in a few clicks.

Because orders are automatically created with dynamic pars, placing your vendor orders only takes a couple of minutes and you're done.

Quickly filter product orders by vendor name, then create the order in PDF to email to your vendor or faxed orders can be printed directly from Bar Cop.

  Place vendor orders in minutes
  Quickly filter orders by vendor
  Create orders to email or fax
Common Questions...
Why is ordering too much stock bad?

When you carry too much on-hand inventory it ties up cash in stock sitting on the shelf, which can create cash flow issues. Holding on to inventory that has a slow turnover rate hurts cash flow and business growth.

What if I save money ordering liquor by the case?

It sounds like a good idea - buy in bulk and save a little money on the cost per bottle. You have to really look at your product turnover rate to see if the upfront savings are worth it. If you turnover at least 6 bottles each week of some products then ordering by the case on those items would make sense. If you buy a case of Scotch to save $20 and that product turns over a bottle a month, the savings won't outweigh tying up the cash for a year.

How does Bar Cop calculate my orders?

Bar Cop tracks your product usage from one inventory period to the next, averaging out each product's usage over a period of time and then calculates dynamic par levels that are compared against your ending inventory on-hand stock and then creates exact orders based on that data.

Can I adjust par levels if I need to?

Absolutely. Par levels can be adjusted for each individual product. So for example if you will be running a special on a specific product you may want to increase the par level temporarily to account for extra usage.

What are dynamic par levels?

Par levels are the number of each product you should have in your inventory at the start of each new inventory period. Par levels in Bar Cop are dynamic because the automatically adjust from one inventory period to the next based on each products historical usage history. This ensures that as a product starts to trend with higher sales or a product's sales start to slow down, your orders are always adjusting to quickly compensate for these changes. Bar Cop order management keeps you from ordering too much or too little stock. 

How are seasonal changes taken into account?

Bar Cop has a built-in par multiplier that allows you to quickly adjust your par levels for circumstances like seasonal slowdowns or busier times of the year. The par multiplier is your safety net calculation for each product category. For instance, a "2" par multiplier for liquor means you want to carry 2 times your average usage giving you a good ordering safety net. If winter is a busier time of year for you, then you can change your par multiplier to "2.5", "3", etc. to raise your safety net during those months.

How do I place orders with vendors?

Bar Cop automatically creates final orders based on the calculated par level of each products (taking into account your par multiplier and any individual par adjustments you make). To order, filter your products by vendor name and then you can quickly download that order in PDF format to email to your vendor or print any orders that you need to fax.

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