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Bar Inventory Management Analytical Reports
Reports with actionable insights.
Bar Cop takes your product usage from the beginning to the end of each inventory period and creates easy to understand analytical reports that give you valuable insight to any stock issues in your establishment.
Inventory usage history visualized.
Product usage data is saved each period for historical comparison, so you can easily spot product trends as they begin or know when sales are starting to decline, helping you make smart inventory decisions easier.
establishment bar inventory usage reports
Establishment Report
Total product usage overview.

Bar Cop totals important usage data for each product category that you are tracking at the end of each inventory period, giving you a snap shot of your establishment.

Learn how much should have been rang into your register and the potential profit you should have made, based on your bar's total product usage.

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Liqour usage reporst for bar inventory management
Usage Data Report
Individual product breakdown.

Bar Cop tracks every pour or serving of each product from the beginning of an inventory period until the end and outputs an organized usage report.

Product usage data reports gives you an in-depth breakdown of every product in your inventory, showing your exact usage amounts and potential profit.

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bar inventory product usage reports and data metrics
Usage Totals Report
Historical category usage.

Bar Cop totals all of your product usage data and builds a totals report giving you insight to each main categories important use metrics.

12 previous historical inventory usage data totals are recorded and kept in each inventory period file for a quick look to compare past and present product usage amounts.

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restaurant usage reports for food inventory management
Inventory Values Report
Inventory value tracking.

Bar Cop tracks the values before, during, and at the end of each inventory period, so you always know the exact cost and retail value of every product.

Learn your on-going product costs and their retail values for starting inventory, purchases, products used during the inventory cycle, and ending inventory.

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Best selling liquor products inventory report
Best Sellers Report
Profit more on trending products.

At the end of each inventory period, Bar Cop groups your top 10 selling products in each main category into the best sellers product reports.

Knowing which products are trending from one inventory period to the next helps you plan drink specials or raise product prices, boosting your profits.

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Worst selling bar products inventory report
Worst Sellers Report
Profit more cutting dead stock.

Bar Cop calculates your top 10 worst selling products in each main category at the end of each inventory period creating the worst sellers product reports.

Seeing what inventory isn't selling and keeping money tied up in dead stock from one period to the next allows you to make smart adjustments, improving cash flow.

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Worst selling bar products inventory report
Usage History Report
Historical product usage.

Bar Cop keeps historical usage data on each product for the previous 7 inventory periods that automatically updates when each new inventory period begins.

Compare total product usage data over a longer time frame, allowing you to quickly see when sales start getting slower or get busier to make better stock decisions.

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Bar inventory stock check report
Stock Check Report
Monitor excess inventory problems.

Bar Cop tracks products for potential excess inventory problems and reports the top 10 products with the highest on-hand ending stock amount.

Learn if any products have excessive stock, allowing you to make changed as needed (using order management will fix any excess stock issues for you).

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Analytical reports
Common Questions...
Why are product usage reports important?

Think of counting your inventory as the tool and usage reports are the final results after you finish building something. Usage reports give you the big picture of what is really happening in your establishment after an inventory period is complete. The data metrics that product usage reports provide will help guide you to making better and more profitable decisions.

How do I use the usage data report?

This report breaks down each product's usage from the start of an inventory period until the end, showing you exactly how many pour or servings where made, how much the product's usage cost, and the theoretical sales based on that usage (otherwise how much should have been rang into your register based on true usage).

What is the usage totals report?

Bar Cop takes the product totals from the usage data report and keeps historical records of the last 12 inventory periods that automatically update in each new inventory file. This gives you a snapshot overview of each categories product usage totals to quickly compare from one inventory period to the next.

What does the inventory values report show?

At the end of each inventory period, you can see your starting inventory cost values, cost of purchases values, cost of goods used, and ending inventory cost values for every product in each main category. Next to each of the 4 listed cost values, Bar Cop also gives you the retail values for each so you can compare your cost values to potential retail sales.

How does the best sellers report help?

The inventory best sellers report takes the theoretical sales data for each main category and compiles your top 10 used products into a best sellers list. This catches products as they start to trend quickly, giving you the opportunity to boost profits with product specials and price increases.

What is the worst sellers report used for?

The inventory worst sellers report shows you products that are tying up cash flow sitting on the shelf and not selling, giving you the knowledge on what products can be liquidated. Getting rid of dead stock as quickly as possible frees up cash that can be used in better ways to grow profits.

What is the total usage history report?

Bar Cop tracks each product's historical usage for the past seven inventory periods, updating after each new inventory file, giving you an extended usage overview from one inventory period to the next. Each product's usage is then averaged for the previous seven inventory periods showing an accurate estimate for future usage.

How does the stock check report work?

The inventory stock check report looks at your product with the most on-hand inventory at the end of the inventory period and compares it to the product usage to determine if those products are holding excess inventory. If products have excess inventory, you can look at adjusting your orders and potentially liquidating stock to cash flow better. *Note if you use Bar Cop's built-in order management feature you will not have to worry about having excessive inventory on-hand.