Bar Cop is the leading inventory control + theft prevention software application for bars and restaurants since 1998.

All-inclusive price, zero monthly fees. Easy peasy.

Bar software inventory management system

Bar Cop PRO - ONLY $299

Establishment Software License

The software license will be issued to the establishment entered below (no personal info). The establishment information provided must be complete and verifiable as a legitimate location or your order may be cancelled.

Unlimited Products
No limitations on the number of tracked products.
Inventory Everything
Alcohol, food, merchandise... you can track anything.
Accurate Inventory
Weigh your products or optionally point count.
Easy Accounting
Export any inventory data to Excel spreadsheet or PDF.
Shift Checking
Shift check your bartenders anytime you want to.
Analyze Profits
Find profit losses from theft and carelessness.
Dynamic Ordering
Create perfect vendor orders every single time.
Inventory Metrics
Easy to understand product usage data reports.
Shelf to Sheet
Inventory locations match product shelf layout.

Purchase questions

What is the Bar Cop PRO software?

Bar Cop PRO is the full version of the software with every feature included. When you purchase Bar Cop PRO, the software you receive to download is yours to use forever. There are no ongoing or monthly fees to use the software after purchase.

Is support included with the Bar Cop software?

Yes, Bar Cop PRO comes with 30 days of email support to answer any questions or help with any problems that you are having. After the initial 30 days of support ends, you can optionally get a short term support plan at anytime in the future if needed.

What are the Bar Cop software requirements?

No expensive handhelds, scanners, or other complicated devices are necessary. A laptop, large tablet, or any computer with a PC version of Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer installed is all that you need. Bar Cop is optimized for a screen resolution of 1920x1080, however will work on screen resolutions of 1360x768 and higher. No internet connection needed to use Bar Cop (except to access online help documentation). If you want to enter data using voice command then you will need a headset and MS speech recognition (it's free) installed on your computer. If you want to weigh your liquor, wine, and draft beer products, you will need Keyboard Wedge software and a compatible scale - learn more

*Bar Cop is not compatible with the Apple version of Excel. To use Bar Cop on an Apple computer, you will need to install Windows PC Excel 2013 or later and run it on Mac Boot Camp or Parallels.

Is the software purchase price per establishment?

Yes, the purchased license is for use at one establishment. If you want to use Bar Cop at multiple establishments, you will need to purchase a license for each establishment.

What is the establishment software licence?

A software license (end user license agreement) is issued with each software purchase to a specific hospitality establishment location. The license grants permission to use the software at the specific establishment it is licensed to.

An acceptable establishment type is bar, nightclub, restaurant, cafe, hotel, or other type of venue/event location that sells alcohol and/or food. We do not issue software licenses to all corporate or personal information. The establishment information entered must be for a verifiable single location or an order may be cancelled.

Do you offer any type of software discounts?

We offer software discounts for 501(c)(3) non-profits. If you are a non-profit organization - after purchase is complete, please reply to your order confirmation email and attach a copy of your non-profit exemption and email it back to us. We will then refund 25% of your order total back to the credit card used.

Is ordering online from Bar Cop safe?

Yes! Bar Cop's online payment system runs on the Shopify and Stripe processing platforms, both maintain the highest level of data encryption and PCI compliance available.

How do I get my software after purchase?

After your purchase is complete, we will license your software and email it to you as an attachment to download. When ordered during office hours, you typically will receive the software within a couple of hours. If ordered after hours, then expect to receive the software the next morning. If you haven't received the software within 12 hours after ordering, first check your spam folder (if you have one) and if it is not there, please contact us.

Do you store my personal data?

Your credit card information is not stored in our database after a purchase is complete. Information that is used to complete an order, such as; name, address, email, phone number, are all securely stored and used for ordering purposes only.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are not offered on software purchases, once the software has been emailed for download. Please read our refund policy for complete details.