A smarter way to manage your bar and food inventory.

All-inclusive, straightforward pricing with ZERO monthly subscription fees. *Switch from any other inventory software brand and get 25% off.

Bar Cop Free

30 day free trial - all features included.

Perfect to get setup and start taking inventories with no commitment (no credit card required).

Free product setup*

Bar Cop Software

$599 one-time payment / use it forever

Manage your entire beverage and food inventory, vendor orders, and theft prevention all in one place.

Inventory everything
Use at one establishment
Take unlimited inventories
Track unlimited products
Free product setup*
Support / updates*

Bar Cop saves you big.

Why pay monthly subscription fees that never end to manage your inventory? If you ever stop paying, you lose access to everything. Bar Cop replaces those expensive apps. See how our all-inclusive, one-time payment price compares to other management software.
Bar Cop Inventory Management Software

Bar Cop

$599 one-time payment / all features included

● Inventory everything

● Weigh bottles / kegs

● Profit & loss analysis

● Analytical reporting

● Order management

● Price optimization

● Setup* / support

Bar Cop Software


$249/month or $1980 paid annually

No weighing (point count only) / no food inventory


$249/month or $2388 paid annually

Double above price to add-on food inventory


$120+/month or $1440+ paid annually

Point count (weighing costs more) / limited reports

Software questions

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Making the switch from another software?

If you are currently using bar inventory software from any other company and you switch to Bar Cop, we will give you 25% off. *Offer valid only for new customers who are actively using another software brand (in-house made spreadsheets do not qualify). Contact us before purchasing.

What is included with my software purchase?

Bar Cop comes with a one year maintenance plan that includes dedicated customer support (seven days a week) and updates to your current software version, an activation key for one computer per establishment, and *free product setup with provided product information. Note: Maintenance plans can optionally be renewed for an additional one year at anytime.

Is the software purchase price per establishment?

Yes, the purchase price is for one establishment. If you have more than one location, during checkout change the quantity to the number of establishments that you want to purchase the software for.

How do I change from the trial to purchased software?

Before your 30 day trial ends, just purchase the software. We'll send you a new activation key that unlock the free trial for lifetime access. You'll start right where you left off without losing any previously saved inventory data in the free trial.

Do you offer any type of discounts?

We do offer discounts on our software for 501(c)(3) non-profits, veteran organizations, and users of previous Bar Cop software versions. Contact us for more information.

What are the software requirements?

Bar Cop's backend is powered by Microsoft Excel, so you must have a full version of Microsoft Excel 2013 or later installed on a PC with a Windows operating system (Bar Cop is not compatible with Excel for Apple). To weigh your products when taking inventory, you will also need an inventory weigh scale.

How do I get free product setup?

Product setup is included with any paid subscription plan. After you sign-up, we'll need Excel, text, or csv files with your products listed for each category (liquor, wine, bottle beer, draft beer, non-alcohol, and food). We'll then setup your product data in each product category for you. Please contact us before sending any files, as the data has to be sent to us in the correct format to setup your products.